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The Last Words...

This is the end, I can see it so clear
To you my friend, I thank your for being near
For your company, While I was in pain
For holding me so, With nothing to gain

I see your eyes, So Bright and blue
I see your smile, That belongs only to you
As I slip away from you, I smile just so
Because of our friendship, And how life was never slow

While I was with you, Life was wild and great
But now I'm leaving, And I hope for you sake
That you will not grieve, As I go limp and numb
And that everyone else, Will not be to dumb

I did this for you, I tried my best
I did not see what was coming, And could not let it rest
I wish all people were kind, As you were to me as my bride
I want to say this now, that man should never be tried

He tried to hurt you, And I took the blow
Now he should rot, In the depths way down below
Good bye my friend buddy and pal
I will see you again in the heavens somehow

I will wait for you at the gates
Where we will meet, first loves who share fates