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Some Pictures of me

This page is dedicated to me and the many pictures that i have of good looking me. For now there is just the few pictures but i have more and be adding to this page for a while have fun and laugh hehe.

Ain't I Cute??
This is me at about 3 weeks old whilst my papa was trying to sing me to sleep. He tried... but i dont think he got the point after i covered up my ears and of course me being the perfect little angel kept my mouth shut until he was done then whined for mommy
My Dads Idea
This would be my Dads idea of a joke for some weird reason he thought would be cute to take a picture of me with his big safety glasses on... or maybe it was my nana i cant remember who did it so i'll have to ask him later
Little Train Conductor
This is actualy cute... now my papa somehow managed to get me to sit still for the five minutes that it took to get me into this getup but this is one of the few pictures that i actualy like of me when i was younger
The older me
This is me the year of my graduation and as my sister has said "WHat happened... he was such a cute baby"... nice sister eh?

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