Cindy rose one warm June morning with an objective. She had recently begun to feel an attraction rowards her older brother, Dylan. Dylan was a fairly popular 17 year old, but still had some dorkness in him. He had somewhat long Ashton Kutcher-liked dirty blondehair, brown eyes and was fairly muscular from what Cindy has seen. Cindy, too was popular with the guys at school. She had long blonde hair, brown eyes, a beautiful smile and a body to die for. She is fifteen years old and was currently seeing a boy she absolutely loved named Kyle. Kyle didn't lack anything in their relationship; CIndy really loved him and had no complaints about his attitude nor his performances (wink wink). But still, Cindy couldn't help herself.

When Cindy woke up she was going to go through with a plan she'd come up with the night before in bed. She opened her bedroom door just a crack, knowing her brother would soon walk by around 6:30 on his way to taking his daily shower in the basement bathroom. Around 6:15, Cindy stripped down completely nude and sat in front of her mirror as if to put on her make up. She eagerly awaited Dylan to walk by and when he finally did, he didn't hesitate to look at his naked sister. Cindy, of course, acted as though he wasn't there. Dylan stared for about 10 seconds but headed for his shower not wanting to stare too long.

Dylan entered the washroom and locked the door and immediately noticed the erection pointing out of his boxers. His cock was as hard as it could be at about 7 1/2 inches and he immediately slid off his boxers and began stroking his penis. He was acting as if something else got him horny or that it's his regular morning wood and he pretended his sisters beautiful body wasn't crossing his mind. But he knew it was.

Cindy snuck outside into the backyard and moved a box out of the way by hardly an inch. Behind that box was a window which peeked into the washroom.

She stared in enjoyment as her sexy brother jacked off, just thinking how nice her brother's cock would feel in her. She HAD TO try it. As he beganto cum within minutes, Cindy already began developping a plan to get her brother into the sack. She was getting really wet and decided to head inside to pleasure herself.

Cindy had had 3 other guys fuck her, all boyfriends, but none of them seemed as large as Dylan was. Dylan had at least one inch on all of them. Plus, the idea of doing something so forbidden just felt right to her, and felt it had to be worth the risk. She was careful on who she let have sex with her... She didn't like one night stands and she'd wait a few months with boyfriends, as she really didn't want to be labelled as "easy". But again, she just can't help it.

Her plan was set. It was Friday night at about minight. Cindy was in a pair of baby blue pyjamas, covered in teddy bears and clouds. Dylan was on the computer in blue plaid pyjama pants, and a white t-shirt. Cindy had a deck of cards handy, all part of her plan, and approached Dylan at about 12:30.

"Hey Dyl, I'm bored, you up for a game of cards?"

"Now? Yeah, what the hell..." he responded, "What game?"

Cindy pretended to ponder and responded, "Poker? Why not eh?"

"Heh, yeah whatever." said Dylan, "I've got some chips over there, go grab 'em. Don't worry, we won't play for keeps".

Cindy got up and went and got the poker chips and returned to start a game.

The game, as Cindy expected, didn't seem to get anywhere. He won most the hands, but Cindy was picking up a couple hands here and there. Cindy only had a few chips left and acting very discouraged, she announced, "This is getting boring."

"Wanna play something else, sis?" asked Dylan.

"No need for another game, we can just make it a little more interesting." explained Cindy, with a grin on her face, "I know it's weird cause I'm your sis, but lets make it more of a sudden death game. No joke, let's play strip poker."

"Are you serious?" Dylan asked in shock, "That's not right."

"Oh, come on, you're killing me, you'll probably get to see me before I get to see you." explained Cindy, "It's just for fun!"

"Fuck it," yelled Dylan, "what the hell, let's do it... After all, what's the harm? It's no big deal."

"I knew you wanted to" said Cindy as she laughed, "These are the rules, alright? Basic poker rules, and it's one article of clothing at a time, and that mean's everything. It's your own choice of which piece of clothing it is, okay?"

"Alrighty.." Dylan said somewhat enthusiatically.

Cindy chose a good time to start winning a couple hands, as she managed to remove Dylan's shirt, PJ pants, and both socks, though Dylan managed to keep up with his sister who was playing the game of her life. Cindy had unbuttoned and removed her top, her slippers and her socks.

Basically, they were at the point where they were seeing what they'd never seen before on one another. Cindy felt she was close as Dylan only had his cotton red flannel boxers, while she still remained in her black bra and was just then removing her pants to reveal her matching g-string. Within about 30 seconds, Cindy could see Dylan getting hard and couldn't help but stare.

She immediately asked, "See something you like?" while laughing.

He responded saying, "Shut up".

He was blushing, and Cindy was laughing and showing him her beautiful smile.

Cindy lost the next hand and was forced to remove her bra. Seemingly disappointed, Cindy was really quite excited. She'd revealed her pretty C-cup breasts to her sexy brother and he was enjoying it. His cock was sticking straight up, though he was trying to hide it.

"You don't have to hide it, Dyl, you're looking at my boobs, it's only fair that you move your hands don't you think?"

Cindy won the next hand, but it was at that point her brother saved a trick. He pretended to begin to remove his boxers but then reached up and removed his necklace. Though, disappointed, Cindy admitted that at the beginning, it was every article of clothing and it would only be fair to count a necklace when she'd counted her slippers.

Not letting that disappoint her, she managed to win the final hand. It was the time she'd been waiting for. Dylan slid down his boxers, embarassed, revealing his 7 1/2 inch cock to his sister. It was letting out a little bit of pre-cum, as he had been hard for about 10 minutes.

So there was Dylan and Cindy. Dylan completely nude, in front of his sister, wearing only a g-string.

Cindy then told him, "You know what, Dyl? Today's your lucky day... You played a good game, and it would only be fair for me to remove the last piece."

Cindy slid the g-string down her beautiful legs, revealing her bald pussy, which she shaved regularily, to her brother. She was in heaven, but she knew the best was about to hit.

She then pushed her brother onto the couch, and told him, "Hey Dyl, we've gone this far, care to go further?" as she began sucking on her brother's cock.

"Are you sure about this?" questioned Dylan.

"Why not? You want it, I want it, let's just enjoy it." said Cindy as she sucked off her brother and stroked his dick.

Dylan soon began grunting and breathing heavily, as he was reaching orgasm. His sister kept on sucking his cock and he finally blew his load into Cindy's mouth. Warm, thick, white cum entered her mouth as she swallowed her brother's shots.

"One favor, Dyl?" asked Cindy, "Wanna return the favor?"

Cindy sat on the couch and spread her legs.