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Yay! this HUGE page WORKS now!

well...the essence of almost a group...these are mostly just shots of two people...i just couldnt decide whether to put them under "Hitomi"...or "Allen"...or something like that...BUT...there are a few special ones with lots of lots of people (or otherwise...) in them...


click to see the beautifulness...(yes, i know that's not a word...)...the words...there are just too many files for very lazy...sorry : (...a new window with the picture will pop-up. (do not be alarmed!)...i recommend not closing the window, but keeping both open and when you are ready for another picture, you just click it on this page and it should pop-up in that other window (that doesn't work for one or two of these)

  1. everybody

  2. van and millerna

  3. van and hitomi

  4. van and hitomi again (there's lots of pictures of just van and hitomi, so be patient)

  5. van and hitomi

  6. escaflowne, van, and hitomi

  7. hitomi and van's eyeball

  8. van and hitomi

  9. escaflowne, van, and hitomi

  10. van and hitomi

  11. van (he's in there) and hitomi

  12. hitomi running into van (owwie)

  13. dilandau attacking van

  14. naria and hitomi

  15. merelu and van

  16. merelu and van (again)

  17. merelu shaking hitomi

  18. millerna's arms, hitomi, and merelu

  19. hitomi and merelu

  20. hitomi, merelu, and mr. moleman (i luv that guy!)

  21. the back of dilandau's head and jajuka

  22. van, hitomi, and merelu (very kawaii!)

  23. everybody

  24. van, allen, and hitomi

  25. escaflowne, schezarade, van, allen, and hitomi

  26. millerna, allen, and hitomi

  27. van and allen

  28. allen, hitomi, and gaddes

  29. allen and hitomi

  30. allen and hitomi

  31. everybody

  32. van and balgus

  33. gaddes and allen

  34. folken, naria, and eriya

  35. escaflowne, van, allen, and hitomi

  36. hitomi on the high jump

  37. van and allen wearing fencing uniforms...merelu's sd in this, too!

  38. van, allen, and dilandau playing basketball (i luv this one!)

  39. van and merelu...just TOO cute!

  40. van and hitomi

  41. van and hitomi

  42. folken and eriya

  43. folken, naria, and eriya


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