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Crips Online

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Crips Online has moved here, bKut im gonna update both pagez.
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This page is unda heavy construction
Wassup ? Dis iz tru crip speaking, and im sayen sup and, dis iz muh webpage. C dis page is jus gonne be used for da main page, on this particular page you will find updatez and linkz. On deze webpagez there iz: picturez of cripz and otha kindz of picturez, rap updatez and lyrics, tru gangstaz doin what tru gangstaz do, slob(bloodz) killen, and much much more. I will be updaten dis webpage often so, come bacc often, aiight?But untill then *peace* -tru crip
I use a to beat slobz down.
[12-24-98] Today i decided that im gonna put a picture section up. So if you have a pic of you or some1 else beaten a slob, chillen, wearin a blu rag, or anything that has ta do wit cripz then email me em. Peace
[12-25-98] Taday i finally got some bomb crip girl picz fo muh page so checc it out.
[1-3-99] Taday I put up a section about da cripz CD'z Checc it out it even has some real audio sound fo some of da songz so ya can listen.
[1-12-99] Taday i added the Crip Online muthfuccin webring join taday if you bK.
Email Me at
For Cripz Only
Come bacc soon, and dont forget what we celieve in!! cR cR bK bK!!

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