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Crimson Skies

The time : 1937

The place : The Former United States

The situation : 70 years after fighting a war to preserve the union, the US collapsed into nearly a dozen smaller countries. The great rail networks are useless, as they cross now hostile borders. Zepplins have returned as the main for of bulk transport and, as with the ocean going ships of the past, pirates have sprung up to prey on them. In response, each cpountry has formed one or more airborne militias to defend it's intrests.

In this world the planes are faster, the guns are bigger and the unwary flier can get blown all over the landscape.

It is the world of Crimson Skies.

Produced by Fasa, Crimson Skies is a board game of fighter combat. Character driven and D10 based, it draws on the pulp magazines of the era to give the whole setting a rather unique flavour. Player control one or more pairs of heroes and wingmen, guiding them through mission after mission, watching them progress, grow and occasionally die.

I happen to think this game is great, and intend to post up an assortment of aircraft designs from Westwood-Alexander Aerospace Ltd., as well as reports of the campaign I am going to run in the near future. If you want to learn more visit the official website at

Section Contents

Wings of Winchester - A roll-call of the pilots and players of the Winchester, UK Crimson Skies campaign, along with combat reports.

CADET - A nice little Windows application for the design of Crimson Skies aircraft. Also includes pilot experience and so forth.

"Mad Doc" Miller's Emporium - A page containing an assortment of optional kit for use in Crimson Skies Games.

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