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Bladesong - Session 3

A somewhat smoother transit through a worldgate than last time deposits the party in a clearing in the midst of a jungle. After a little discussion, they elect to head off down a path that is found in the undergrowth.
This path leads them deeper and deeper into the jungle, where they get the occasional sense of being watched. Disregarding this feeling they carry on, eventually reaching the edge of the jungle and a large(ish) settlement.
The settlement shows signs of recent attack, with some buildings on the western outskirts burnt down, but all seems calm as the group approach. They recieve little reception save a few curious looks, which are tinged with a little fear at the sight of Eltay. WIthin a few minutes, the group has split up, with Eltay heading off in search of a drink and the others looking for someone in charge.
They eventually find the mayor, who tells them that they have been hit by bandits couple of days ago. The bandits seemed to be searching for something, but where beaten off before they could find it. Esteban offers the party's services in helping out, an offer that is welcomed, and they are led toward the inn.
On the way they are intercepted by a young girl who demands of both the mayor and the party if there is any news about someone named "Saul". They are unable to help, but Eltay wanders out of the inn and ssays that Saul was seem heading north into the jungle shortly after the attack. It turns out that Saul is the foster-father of the girl, Angel, and she has been trying to find him since he disappeared.
The party discover rumours of a kind of retreat hidden in the jungle, though these are very old rumours since anyone who heads out there turns back or fails to return. Oddly enough, the group decide to track Saul down and head north, again feeling watched and on one occasion catching a glimpse of a furry humanoid thorugh the undergrowth.
Their trek eventually leads them to a structure like a gothic cathedral and a meeting with about a dozen heavily armed feline humanoids that look pretty similar to Eltay. After a discussion with their leader, the party are allowed to approach the building and knock on the door. They are answered by a man who identifies himself as Saul and states that he has no wish to return to the settlement.
The party are more than a little suspicious, but deicde to return with the news. Angel is happy to hear that her step-father is alive, but seems somewhat unsurprised that he wishes to stay.

That was about it for that session, more soon!!