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Bladesong - Session 2

Flung from the blue void they ended last week's session in, the party landed quite heavily on a cold marble floor. Looking around, they found themselves in a classical Greek hall, about half the size of a football pitch. Behind them stood a pair of pillars identical to those they had just passed between. Within a few moments, Royce emerged from the pillars, a great deal more gracefully than they, and delivered their horses and what gear they had left at home. Giving them instructions to seek out his agent, Eltay, he turned and departed, closing the portal behind him.
Not too happy at being deposited who-knows-where and strongly advised not to go home, the party set out to find this "Eltay". Stepping out of the hall, they entered a city more packed than any they had seen pefore, a tremendous dark spire rising before them, and no sky.
In true adventuring fashion, they headed for the nearest bar, ostensibly looking for clues, and all but Wai began eying up the women. Soon enough, they moved out and headed for the south side of the city, now identified by a rather amused barman as Nexus. As they went, they became more and more certain they were being followed, and Wai dropped back to confirm it. Stealtily sneaking along, she was spotted quite quickly by the dark hooded figure they suspected. Deciding to ask this person some questions, the party pursued him/her down an alley, where they could find no trace of them.
Not too discouraged, they headed for the nearest bar, and settled in. After a few minutes, they noticed a dark hooded figure sat in a corner, and moved to question them. Very quickly, they established that this was Eltay, the woman they had been told to find, and introduced themselves, along with their story.
Agreeing with their idea of finding work, Eltay took the group on a tour of the city, getting them registered as visitors, before taking them to the hostel where she lived and arranging them accomodation. In a situation described as becoming "all to familiar", Eltay was attacked that night and the party joined in, rapidly despatching the trio of assailants, though Wai came the closest to death she had ever been. Deciding that Nexus was no longer a safe place to hide, Eltay told them to pick a destination and pack. This they did, and they quickly headed for the nearest Gate Hall where Eltay activated the portal and they passed through.

Irritatingly, this session also ended with the party in transit through a Worldgate.