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Bladesong - Session 1

The first session started with each member of the prospective party being invited (one way or another) to deliver a crystal globe to it's destination. On the way, they were caught in a rainstrom and sheltered for the night in a clump of trees.
Next morning, one of the party (Bird Boy) was acting very odd, but everyone else seemed to accept it as personal quirks. When they were within sight of their destination, the group was way-laid by a group of bandits, and a small fight ensued. The seraph found himself under someone else's control several times, and Esteban did his swashbuckling best, but the decider was a display of power by the guards of the castle they were trying to reach. Their use of weaponry previously unseen by the gropup or their attackers proved fatal for the bandits.
Escorted into the castle, they were presented to the Lord handed over the globe, which was promptly and casually destroyed. Bird Boy's unknown controller took over again and delivered a speech in a language no-one but the Lord seemed to understand. The group was then thanked for their time, and shown to guest quarters.
Later that night, a group of castle soldiers descended on the group, informing them that "The deal was off" and prepared to kill them. At that point, Bird Boy heard a voice in his head, felt extreme pain, and the soldiers exploded. The voice, which identified itself as "Emissary", then opened a portal out of the quarters and everyone bundled through. On the other side, they found themselves in open plains near a pair of tall stone columns, and the man who had recruited them, Royce.
Bird Boy dropped from extreme pain and a voice screaming in his head as the portal opened, and was informed by Royce that Emissary had killed herself channeling enough power to let them escape. He then told the group that they were to valuable to him to loose, and triggered the columns, creating a shimmering blue field between them. He then told the group to get through before bad guys tracked them down, and forcibly assisted one of them on his way.

The session ended with the party surrounded by a blue shimmering something...