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Bladesong - Characters

Name = "Bird Boy"
Damn good looking, charming and well aware of it, this seraph warrior has been acting a little odd lately, babbling about things called "Melds" and ordering very strangely coloured drinks in bars.

Name = Wai
The youngest member of the party, Wai is something of an urchin. Obsessed with "collecting" interesting items, she has been on the streets for most of her life.

Name = Esteban
A strange foreign sounding swashbuckler, often found in the company of a bad tempered mule named Hot Eye. Esteban is one of the group's two humans, and is vaugely jealous of "Bird Boy"'s looks.

Name = Elurid
Holder of several unique posts in the group (oldest, only magic user and only Eleer), Elurid seems the most level headed of the lot, but only time will tell if this is true.

Name = Eltay
A sleek, black furred Su'Shaun, Eltay is the latest addition to the group. Far wiser in the ways of what's happening than her comrades, she will probably end up saving their lives.