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Teaching Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Cesar F. Ferreras, Jr.

Here is a sample calculator program that you can find in the internet, I forgot the site where I took it.

Download the zip file containing the program, run it in your computer and observe the functionality, design of the program.

Here is the code of the program:


Read it and analyze the code.


What you are going to pass on Monday, November 6, 2006 is the answer to the questions below. Copy and answer. It should be:

  • typed in a short bond paper
  • single space
  • 1 inch margin in all sides
  • Font is Courier New, size 10.

Write your name and LG on the top of the page. Don't put it in a folder, no more title page, do not add designs, etc. Have it stapled in the Top-left corner of the page.

Nobody is allowed to do the project in school, nobody would be allowed to print the project in the school.


Give what is asked in the following items:

  1. In less than 3 sentences, explain the purpose of the Timer1_Timer procedure.
  2. The programmer of this calculator used how many textbox? Explain the use of the textbox.
  3. Create a better structure for this IF Statement.

    If choice = "plus" Then
    Text3 = Val(Text1) + Val(Text2)
    End If
    If choice = "minus" Then
    Text3 = Text1 - Text2
    End If
    If choice = "multiply" Then
    Text3 = Text1 * Text2
    End If
    If choice = "divide" Then
    Text3 = Text1 / Text2
    End If
  4. Is the programmer of this calculator a beginner, experienced, or an expert? How were you able to come up with that conclusion? Explain.
  5. Comment on the programís:
    a. Design
    b. Functionality
    c. Coding
    d. Usefulness

That's it. Enjoy your vacation. Happy Halloween!!!

See you November 6, 2006.


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