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My Little Space in the Big World of the Internet...

Writing about yourself becomes harder as you grow old. Every time you write something about yourself, it would often reflect who you are and what is your perspective during that time. Biases would often occur, emphasize on this and a little of that, as you would try to create, let them perceive, on who you are on that time.

Tell me about yourself. A question that interviewers would ask you...

I am Cesar from the small town of Baao, located somewhere in the Philippines. I am the third child, first son, in the 5 five children of my father and mother. Had an education up to college, finished with bland colors, took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Computer Education. Joined some organizations, doesn't love sports, loves computers. Loves adventures, thrills, etc., Boring. Loves to read books and novels. Loves (and cries) watching movies. Dreamed of becoming a painter, a writer, an artist, but frustrations is all that I got. A dreamer. An idealist. Perfectionist. Often Depressed. A lover. Sadist. Masochist. Hot Headed. Warm Blooded. Lazy. Shameless in some way, Shameful in others. Hopes that one day, there would be world peace.

Living a silly, crazy, boring, amusing life since 1982.


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