Winky D. & Kevin Redneck

Woah, nice rack Kev!

I wonder why that lady told kev that she liked his dog's style??? He has a cat, not a dog... Sheesh, some people just don't notice how stoopid they sound!!!
Looks like Kev's REALLY happy to see you today *wink*

Alright, slow down boy! Ya'll got more where that came from.

KEVIN: "Yuck!!! What the heck is Nick thinking???"

"Psss....Nick! She's a he! I saw 'her' extra package!!!"

There's no doubt that this is one wierd couple! Gwen, he's married!!!
Man, I never knew he was such a big fan of KISS.
Howards best pick-up line:
"Hey baby. You look hungry... Wanna try THIS sandwhich? Two meatballs and some salami"
"How we doin', sweetheart"

"I'd like to thank the academy. Uh, the creator's of Vidal Sassoon, u helped me through all those bad hair days! Shout-out to Polly-Anna! ....This one's for u, Johnny Boy! I LOVE U MAN!!!"

When all the jobs on the farm where taken, Kevin resorted to birthday parties.

You should see what AJ does to him when Howie's REALLY out of it. Good thing his hair grew back (not talking about his head).

"Yo, Richardson. I left the stash under your bed. That'd be $300."

Kev decided to show everyone Howie's fave undies made by Mama Dorough.
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