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Pokemon Stories

To get part of this story you must read this. In the future they kept creating different Mewtwos. Mewtwos were for people with 6 badges, Mewthrees to Mewfives were for people with 7 badges, Mewsixes to Meweights were for people with 8 badges and Mewnines and up were for Pokemon Masters. Episode 1. One summer morning a guy around the age of 14 ts out of bed and lazily gets ready for school. It was an ordinary day at school and after he just went home and started an assignment. Afetr an hour he heard a strange noise outside. He looked out the window then ran down. When he came out two guys were having a pokemon battle! One had an Electabuzz and the other had a Gloom! The Gloom won with it's sleep powder and stun spore. Afetr the battle the guy who won came up to Myles and asked him if he could look after his Gloom because he couldn't take it back home. Myles said he would and took the Gloom. Myles immediately left a note for his parents saying he was leaving for Pewter city to battle Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader. On the way he heard a giant screeching noise coming from Pewter City so he hurried there. He was very close to the town so he caught most of the battle. Some strange men were battling everyone in the city! The City had an Onix, Geodude, Graveller, Sandshrew, Diglett, Psyduck and a passing Pokemon Master was waiting his turn. The strange men were only using one pokemon! It was a pokemon Myles had never seen before! He pulled out a pokedex he had got on the way and checked what the pokemon was but the encyclopedia had no idea! Myles checked the legends part and discovered that this pokemon was a Dugmite! The Rock pokemon stepped up and all used rock throw! The Dugmite went underground and suddenly tons of huge cracks appeared in the ground and buildings and pokemon were falling down them! Half the city destroyed by one attack! All the pokemon had been killed except the pokemon master's. He called out a Venusaur and told it to use razor leaf! The Dugmite jumped out of the ground and smashed straight back into it in the blink of an eye and cause a huge fissure in the ground and killed the Venusaur! The Pokemon Master then sent out a Blastoise, Snorlax, Mewnine and a Jynx! The Pokemon Master told his Snorlax to use earthquake and get the Dugmite out of the ground! Snorlax smashed the ground and Dugmite came flying out! The the Pokemon Master told his Blastoise to use Rain dance and the rest of his Pokemon to use psychic! Dugmite was told to use bide so it just sat on the ground and took in all the psychic energy it could then unleashed with 3 times the power! Everything went black and when Myles woke up he found himself in a crater twice the size of the city! He ran over to the pokemon that were lying on the ground and caught with his pokeballs and ran off to the closest town to see if he could save the pokemon! As he got to the next town he found that everyone was gone so he quietly walked up to the pokecentre, healed his new pokemon and got some stuff from the pokemart. Myles got out of the town as quickl as he could because the silence was giving him the creeps. He found a nice little cave and hid there until morning. When Myles woke up he remembered his mum and wondered if she was alright. He decided to go back and find her. On the way one of the strange men caught him walking along the side of the road! He told him to come with him but Myles refused. The strange man saw Myles' pokeballs and challenged him to a pokemon battle. Myles agreed and decided to run if things got too heated. The strange man told Myles to call him 'Klobb'. Klobb called out a Sapusaur so Myles sent out Mewnine! Myles told Mewnine to use psychic and Sapusaur was told to use root. Mewnine's psychic hardly made an impression on Sapusaur and then Klobb told his Sapusaur to use over-growth! For 3 miles around it was completely covered in jungle and Mewnine was being strangled by the vines! While it was in their it learned a new move that can only be learnt under the most extreme conditions and the last time a pokemon learnt it one Earth was when the pokemon was trapped under ice and snow for 5 years! Mewnine learnt adapt! Mewnine adapted to the vines by turning into a Bellsprout then it just walked out! Klobb told Sapusaur to use megadrain so it took all the life out of Mewnine so it was nearly dead again! Myles then sent out Snorlax and told it to use body slam! Snorlax jumped up into the air and came flying at Sapusaur but the vine grabbed Snorlax and chked him to death in seconds! Myles got the rest of his pokemon and ran for his life! The Sapusaur was shooting seeds at him that were exploding like oversized grenades! Myles got hit and one of his pokeballs fell out! He started running when he saw Mewnine coming after him with a dead Snorlax and his pokeball! Myles escaped Klobb but found a gash in the side of his leg! Mewnine came over and healed him then sked Myles what he was going to do next. Myles thought for a while then said he was going home to see if his mum was ok. Mewnine nodded and hopped back into his pokeball. In the morning Myles got up and started for his hometown, Kikyou. When he got there he saw a huge compound and tons of men the same as Klobb patrolling the area! Myles got Mewnine out and told it to use illusion and make him look like one of them. Myles walked into the compound without any trouble and found his mum not soon after. Myles told her it was him and asked what happened. His mum said that the day he had left these men came and defeated all our trainers then put us in the compound using their advanced pokemon. Myles said he would try to stop them then left for Indigo Plateau. Myles went to Pewter, then Cerulean without anything interesting but then he got to Mt. Moon. Myles was walking through Mt. Moon but he felt a tingling feeling all over his body! Myles suddenly felt the earth beneath his feet collapse and he went tumbling down a hole into a pit! Myles got up and looked around. All he could see was black bt then a bright light flashed and he saw hundreds of little pokemon! He checked his pokedex and it said they were Clefairys! Myles could feel the power eeeking out of their bodies so he decided to catch one. First he tried to catch one without hurting it because he didn't want to alarm them. Success, Myles had caught a Clefairy! Myles got Mewnine to give him a lift out of the hole and got out pretty easily. As Myles was walking along he kept tripping on rocks so finally he asked his pokedex what these rocks were. The pokedex said they were moon stones, the rarest stones in the world! Myles grabbed as many as he could and kept walking and studying the stones. The pokedex said it was the only stone that when it evolved a pokemon it totally healed them! Myles wondered if it would evolve a Snorlax and decided to try it. He got Snorlax out of his pokeball and pressed the stone against him....... Snorlax turned into a bright light then it came back into form as a Yawlax! Yawlax got up and looked around. It was healthier than it had ever been before! Myles told Yawlax to return then he called out Gloom. He pressed the stone against Gloom like he did with Snorlax but nothing happened! Myles put Gloom back in her pokeball and called out Blastoise and tried the same thing on him. Blastoise exploding in millions of bright colours then took form as a Rainer! Myles got really excited and checked his pokedex to find out more about the stones. The pokedex's description of a moon stone was different to this so he checked the legends. The legends talked about a stone called the 'Light Stone' which got here somehow but no-one knows why because they haven't been able to translate enough of the legend! Myles called Rainer back into his pokeball and called out Jynx. Just as Myles was about to evolve him Mewnine stopped him and said, "Are you sure this is what the pokemon want and not what you want?" Myles stopped and realised what he might be doing to his pokemon. He then asked Jynx if she wanted to be evolved and Jynx used her psychic powers and pulled Myles over to her then then started pointing at the stone and yelling "Jynx' Jynx!" Myles knew what she was trying to say and pressed the stone on her. The same thing happened and Jynx came back into form as a Jynxir!Myles put Jynxir back into her pokeball and asked Mewnine if he wanted to evolve. Mewnine told him that he couldn't evolve because he wasn't a proper pokemon. Myles asked him if he could try and if it didn't work it might power him up a little. Mewnine agreed and walked over to Myles. Myles pressed the stone against Mewnine and he turned into million lights then came back into form as a Mew! The stone had evolved him into a pure form! Mewnine, now Mew, Yelled for joy! This was what he had wanted all his life! Mew thanked Myles and hopped back in his pokeball! Myles exited Mt. Moon and carefully entered Lavender. Myles walked over to the pokecentre and as he got closer he heard people yelling help so he quickly ran over there! As he entered he saw three men the same as Klobb getting the people to heal their pokemon. Myles told them to stop so they attacked him! One guy sent out a Machampion! The strange man told his pokemon to use submission on all the pokemon then went back to the people! Myles sent out Mew and told him to use adapt! Machampion came flying at Mew and was about to smash Mew over the horizon when Mew turned into an Onix and didn't budge! Myles told Mew to use psychic so Mew went back into it's proper form and deleted Machampion out of existence! The strange man turned around his face went white then he got his mate to fight Myles and called for back-up! The strange man called out a Raticlaw! The strange man ordered his Raticlaw to use super fang! Myles told his Mew to use teleport and go behind Raticlaw! Raticlaw lunged at Mew but Mew dissapeared and reapeared behind Raticlaw! Then Mew used psychic! Raticlaw shot out of existence! Back-up arrived but the leader told them not to hurt Myles then he introduced hiomself as the leader of his home planet! He then called out a Dark Mew and told it to use psy-blast! Myles' normal Mew had no chance! It got flung few miles south and hit a tree! Mew got up and started walking back to the battle. The leader whispered under his breath, "They were right. He is the one." and left! Myles helped the people up and one of them came over and gave him the Rainbow badge! Myles asked why and the Gym Leader just answered, "You deserve it." Everyone thanked Myles and commented on his bravery then healed his pokemon. Myles was given a Gastly then he left! Myles snuck from town to town and made it to Indigo Plateau! He went inside and found that it had been taken over aswell! Myles hid behind a cupboard as an enemy soldier came walking past. Myles crept up to the Elite Four area and found it empty! As Myles walked into the first area a man challenged him to a pokemon battle saying he was part of the new Elite Four. Myles agreed and the strange man sent out a Crystal Onix and told it to use bone-shatter on Myles' pokemon! Myles sent out his Jynxir! The man was surprised at his pokemon. Myles told his Jynxir to use psy wave! The Crystal Onix came flying at Jynxir and bound her in his tail! Jynxir used psy wave and the psychic power went straight through Crystal Onix and stuck him out straight! Then Crystal Onix exploded! The guy lied and said that was his last pokemon and sent Myles on to his next opponent! Myles now had to fight a guy called Kaine! Kaine sent out a Charcolt and Myles sent out his Rainer! Myles told Rainer to use waterfall and Kaine told Charcolt to use ultra fang! Rainer looked up at the sky then screamed his name and about a million tons of water came crashing down on Charcolt then dissapeared! Charcolt was found on the ground dead! Kaine cursed and sent out a Gluk! He told his Gluk to use sludge so Myles told his Rainer to use soak! The Gluk threw a huge ball of sludge at Rainer but Rainer's coating of water from soak just washed it off! Myles told Rainer to use hydro pump! Rainer's eyes turned dark then huge fountains of water came flying out of the ground! Gluk went flying into the air and came crashing to the ground! Kaine sent Myles to the next trainer. Myles entered the room and heard someone say, "Impressive. The last guy who tried to beat us was killed before he even got to the first trainer. You will not get to the third!" Then he appeared and sent out a Dreammaster! Myles then sent out Yawlax! Myles told Yawlax to use hyper beam and the strange man called Mick, told his Dreammaster to use super psychic! Yawlax powered up and shot a huge beam of light and colour which was dissintegrated by Dreammaster's attack which then did the same to Yawlax! Myles cursed and sent out Jynxir! Myles told Jynxir to use lovely kiss but Mick told his Dreammaster to use psy-shield! Dreammaster put a shield up just before Jynxir kissed him so Jynxir was shot back into a wall! Kaine told Dreammaster to use super psy again so Myles told Jynxir to use reflect x50! Jynxir started putting shields up but Dreammaster's attack was blowing them all up! The super-psy got to about a centimetre from Jynxir then got shot back at Dreammaster! Dreammaster wasn't expecting it so he got thrown into a pole and broke his arm! Myles took his chance and told Jynxir to use Disable! Dreammaster was now unable to use super-psy so it tried to headbut Jynxir! Jynxir just teleported behind it and used psychic! Dreammaster got thrown into a wall and slumped to the ground! As it was getting up Myles told Jynxir to use lovely kiss! Dreammaster was too weak to get away so it was put to sleep! Myles returned Jynxir and sent out Rainer and told him to use hydro-blast! Rainer aimed his guns and fired! Dreammaster went flying back into the wall and was crushed by the immense force of Rainer's guns! The guy congratulated Myles and sent him on his way. Myles xame into the next room and was faced with Gary! Gary had agreed to help the aliens! Myles said he would make Gary pay and sent out Gloom! Gary sent out Leviathonias! Myles told Gloom to use sleep powder! Gary told Leviathonias to use intellegence and fight on it's own! Leviathonias is the largest known pokemon! It is 500ft tall and weighs a massive 1,000 tons! Gloom started swaying and heaps of powder started flowing out of her back! Leviathonias shot Gloom with an ice-beam and Gloom was frozen solid! The powder still hit Leviathonias though and after Myles un-froze Gloom came out and because the attack was so strong it had frozen Gloom without actually doing any damage! He then told Gloom to use mega-drain! After an hour of taunts and ridicules from Gary, Gloom finally sucked all the health from Leviathonias! Gary was taken completely surprise and then Gloom evolved into a Vileplume! Gary sent out Raticlaw! Myles told Gloom to use sleep powder but Gary told Raticlaw to use quick-attack! Raticlaw creamed Vileplume and Vileplume was dying fast! Myles remembered his light stone and tried one on Vileplume in desperation! Vileplume evolved into a sweetplume and got back to full health! Gary told Raticlaw to use titanifang so Myles ordered Sweetplume to use blind powder! Raticlaw was blinded so he missed Sweetplume and bit a huge hole through the wall! Myles then told Sweetplume to use daisy dance! Sweetplume started dancing around and all these flowers and stuff appeared out of nowhere and cut Raticlaw all over his body! Raticlaw was now completely confused and fainted! Gary pulled out a gun and tried to shoot Myles but Mew who was out of his pokeball redirected the bullet's path right into Gary's arm! Mew then picked Gary up using his psychic powers and threw him into a wall then put a psychic cage around him! Myles commended Mew then walked through the next door! A man shrouded in shadow greeted Myles then told him he was going to die! Myles answered with pokeball and said, "Fight!" The man introduced himself as the leader of his home planet and said his name was Samain! Myles' pokeball contained Sweetplume and with his pokemon he defeated all Samain's pokemon except one which he had obviously been saving for last! Myles decided to use Mew and Samain sent out his pokemon! It was a Mew! Samain told Myles that it wasn't a normal Mew and neither was his. He explained his was a Dark-Mew and Myles had a Chosen-Mew. He said there was a Light-Mew and it was the most powerful pokemon in the world! Myles paused then told Chosen-Mew to use psychic! Samain told his Dark-Mew to use psychomanias! Dark-Mew closed his eyes then when he opened them they were an evil red colour then he flicked his wrist and the whole planet went into convulsions and Chosen-Mew was embalmed in flame, ice, vines, electricity, rock and psychic energy! Myles checked his legends on his pokedex and it said that this move was able to kill anything in the world except the one! Then it all exploded which created a force more powerful than a thousand atomic bombs! After the explosion Myles looked down into the crater while Samain was laughing and saw Chosen-Mew glowing! Myles yelled, "Yeah!" Then Chosen-Mew floating out of the 20ft hole back into the arena and used psychic! The attack hardly touched Dark-Mew then Samain told Dark-Mew to use psymatic! Dark-Mew screamed as it glared at Chosen-Mew and then millions of psychicly powered bullets of energy came flying at Chosen-Mew and put that many holes in him! Chosen-Mew fell to the ground with a thud but the holes dissapeared and Chosen-Mew got up glowingeven more and used psychic again! Dark-Mew blocked the attack and used psychomanias again! Chosen-Mew was completely covered in every element then he exploded again! Chosen-Mew floated out of another crater and used psychic again! Dark-mew blocked but got hit alittle! Dark-Mew then used its most powerful move, psychotenacitantrum! Dark-Mew channeled all it's energy into his mind then unleashed every ounce of power it had onto Chosen-Mew! Chosen-Mew evaporated into a trillion colours then reapeared! Myles' pokedex screamed, " Light-Mew! The most powerful pokemon in the world! You've found it!" Myles stood there stunned! Then he regained his senses and told Light-Mew to use ultrapsychotenacitantrumation! Dark-mew blocked it with a million reflects but the attack still had enough strength to completely dissintegrated the ex-most powerful pokemon in the world! Samain screamed then started running! Light-Mew stopped him then started crushing him! The force was os immense it crushed Samain to a pile of dust! Then Myles walked over and spat on the pile! A heap of soldiers ran in to see what the commotion was all about but Light-Mew teleported them back to their home planet and used amnesia on them so they couldn't remember a thing! Myles walked out of Indigo Plateau and told Light-Mew to do what he did to the soldiers and then reapair everything that had been broken. It took 5 seconds for a months worth of damage to be fixed! Then the Indigo Plateau Chief of Security came up to Myles and asked if he would except the position of War General! Myles agreed and thanked him. Myles kept walking and decided to head home. Light-Mew teleported him there. Myles walked over to the huge compound and found his Mum there safe. Myles ran up to her and after they had exchanged stories Myles walked with her outside and back home. Myles had a good night's rest then remembered he was now War General and teleported to Indigo Plateau. Myles walked into the building and went straight to the Operations Room. He was met by the Chief of Security who told him to go to the board room. Myles walked into the enormous room with about 20 people and sat down at the nearest chair. The President started speaking and about halfway through what he was saying a Leutenant ran in and yelled that U.F.O. was heading towards Earth! Everyone ran into the control room and looked at the screen and saw a huge Mother-Ship heading towards Earth! Myles immediately said it was from Samain's home planet and ordered that every fighter plane be readied for an attack! Myles ran out to the airfield with his pokemon and waited for the enemy ship's arrival. The Mother-Ship came into sight after about an hour and was attacked by all the fighter jets! The Mother-Ship sent hundreds of little Interceptors that destroyed the whole airforce then they turned on H.Q.! Myles told Light-Mew to bring the shp down and shut-off all it's weaponry and shields! Light-Mew brought the Mother-Ship down but couldn't shut anything down! Suddenly a group of Interceptors started shooting at them! They jumped behind some objects then called out there pokemon! One man told his Ivysaur to use razor leaf and Myles told Light-Mew to use oblivion! All the Interceptors were completely destroyed! The Mother-Ship then started powering up a beam then fired it at the headquarters and left a huge crater! Myles told them he was going to try and get aboard the ship! Myles snuck up to an engine and hopped inside! He got out of the engine through a hatch and made his way to the cockpit! Myles opened the door and charged in and started smashing the control panel! The pilot grabbed Myles but Light-Mew threw him to the side using psychic powers and blew up half the controls with psy-beam! The co-pilot got a gun and shot Myles then fired at Light-Mew! Light-Mew was too busy destroying the controls to notice the bullet going straight through his head! The co-pilot grabbed the remaining controls, sent for back-up and shot another beam at the generals! One general survived the blast and ran for his life! The back-up came and completely obliterated Indigo Plateau! The aliens set up a base at Indigo Plateau and started advancing towards Saffron City! Within 7 years the whole world was taken over by them and the only surviving humans were either slaves or fugitives! End Episode 2. The only surviving General started a resistance group that was hidden underground and only came up for utter neccessities. One stormy night a pregnant mother had a child that was named Myles and was sent to the underground resistance group. The boy grew up to the age of 15 before anything amazing happened. One day he was taking a walk in the virtual reality program they had created when a message came in for him. He exited the program and read the e-mail. A general wanted to see him! Myles told his general where he was going and took the express tunnel to site 104. Myles entered the zone and went straight to the General's office and asked why he wanted to see him. The General said a certain woman called Sabrina wanted to see him. Myles asked where she was so the General took him to her place then left. Myles walked in and asked what she wanted. She said, "Let me get straight to the point. I believe that you are destined to save the world." " What!" exclaimed Myles. Sabrina explained that another boy called Myles had saved the world but was taken by surprise and was killed by the aliens. She then told him that his Light-Mew that had not been properly evolved into a Light-Mew had used it's last energy in saving Myles' mind by turning it into an energy that was able to return into a body with the same genes as his body. She continued, " That body, is your's." Myles was so shocked he fell back into a chair. Sabrina told him that he would be able to remember everything if he would hop into a chair that was plugged into a computer. Myles agreed to do it and stepped up ino the chair. Everything went black then Myles saw hundreds of brilliant colours then everything dissapeared again and he saw Sabrina looking over him. She asked him what he remembered and Myles replied, "Everything." then he continued, " Where's Light-Mew?" Sabrina told him that Light-Mew could be any pokemon in the world. Myles got up and thanked Sabrina. Sabrina told him to stay so she could train him to be a better pokemon trainer. Myles spent the next 2 years training and looking for Light-Mew. One Monday Sabrina came up to Myles and told him he must leave and go to site 169 to meet a man who has something he wants to give you. Myles left and reached site 169 by thursday. Myles asked around for the man who wanted to see him and eventually found him by an underground lake. The man told Myles he had a certificate for pokemon breeding and told Myles that he must train hard, then left. Myles made his way back to Sabrina and was greeted by another hard day's work. For the next 3 years Myles' training became harder and more intense until he was finally ready for a match-up against the virtual Elite Four! Myles came into the first room and sent out his Raichu against Lorelei's Dewgong! Myles defeated Lorelei easily, then Bruno, then Agatha but then came Lance! Lance sent out Dragonair and told it to use slam against Myles' Cloyster! Myles told Cloyster to use withdraw! Dragonair smashed Cloyster but it didn't harm him! Myles then told Cloyster to use ice-beam! Dragonair hit the ground hard! Myles did this to all Lance's Dragonairs and his Aerodactyll! Lance then sent out Dragonite! Myles told Cloyster to use blizzard! Cloyster withdrew into his shell then opened it releasing tons of ice and snow onto Dragonite! Dragonite use barrier so it only got hurt a little then it use hyper-beam! Cloyster withdrew but the attack still knocked him out! Myles called out Blastoise! Myles told Blastoise to use blizzard! Dragonite use barrier but still got hurt a little then he used thunder! Blastoise screamed and fell to the ground! Myles then sent out Raichu! Myles told Raichu to use thunder! Dragonite used barrier but the wall didn't cover his top so he got pretty badly hurt! Myles then told Raichu to use agility! Raichu got the first move because Dragonite was nearly paralysed! Dragonite used hyper-beam again but missed so instead of draining some energy off Raichu it had to recharge itself! Myles took his chance and told Raichu to use thunder! Raichu's attack got a direct hit and knocked Dragonite out! Myles exited the program and Sabrina congratulated him on his victory. Myles asked if he could train some more and Sabrina said yes so he kept training through the night. In the morning Myles got out of the virtual training program and decided to go to a gym that had the greatest human pokemon trainer and test his skills. Myles reached the site quickly using the express tunnel and entered the building where he could face the only human pokemon master left. Myles asked if he could battle him and he agreed. Myles had been given a line-up of 5 psychic pokemon and a Golem. Myles sent out his Golem against the pokemon master's Charizard! The pokemon master introduced himself as Gary and told his Charizard to use fire-blast! Myles told Golem to use rock-slide! Charizard powered up for a second then unleashed enough fire to start a bushire! Golem was hardly charred by it and sent a heap of large rocks at Charizard while he was flying up high to use his fly attack! Charizard fell to the ground and fainted! Gary then sent out a Blastoise! Myles changed his pokemon to Hypno! Myles told Hypno to use psy-beam! Gary told his Blastoise to use hydro-pump! Myles told Hypno to use reflect! Blastoise fired the cannon but it just bounced carelessly off Hypno! Myles then told Hypno to use psychic! Hypno sent out ripples in time and space at Blastoise! Blastoise's very essence was disturbed then it fell to the ground! Gary cursed and sent out Dugtrio! Myles told Hypno to use poison gas! Gary ordered Dugtrio to use rock-slide! Dugtrio went undeground and pulled up a heap of large rocks and sent them flying at Hypno! Hypno sent out a cloud of poisonous substance that put Dugtrio on death-roe but Hypno was still hit by the rocks! Hypno smashed into the ground but Sabrina had taught it through heavy training, automatic recovery! Hypno got up nearly completely healed and used psy-beam at the word of his master! Dugtrio was hit by one of it's greatest weaknesses and fainted! Gary yelled and sent out Venusaur and told it to use growth! Myles told Hypno to use psychic and it was an easy kill! Gary congratulated Myles on his victory and gave him an egg for his prize because he didn't have any badges. Myles thanked Gary and went off to site 235 to get above ground and catch a pokemon he had been watching for a while. Myles entered the site and went to the transport module. It didn't take long to get there and when he did he hid as quickly as possible. You couldn't be too careful. He found the pokemon he wanted using a G.P.S. Sysrem and caught it with ease. Myles took the pokemon to Sabrina and asked her to check if this was Light-Mew. Sabrina put the pokemon in the seat but it wasn't him. Myles went back above ground to find another pokemon. Myles came out and hid as usual but some men spotted him and used a Dreammaster to pull him out of the bushes! Myles struggled but the Dreammaster just froze him! Myles wa taken to a town that was inhabited by the aliens! They threw him into a cell and locked it! Myles looked around and saw a few other people then sat back. It was an hour before anything happened and when it did it would change Myles' attitude forever! Some men came and grabbed Myles and dragged him to an office! When they got there they threw him in and left. The man behind the desk asked him if he knew why he was here and Myles replied no. The man said, " We know who you are, where you live, what you're doing and much more." He continued, "You are here to be sent to our leader, Go!" With that the other mencame in and took Myles to a train-station and sent him to Indigo Plateau! Myles was taken to the top and taken into a room with a man hidden by shadow in ti! The man said, " I was named after my father. The ex-leader of our race. I know you killed him and I brought you here to take revenge! I'm sure you know who I am. I am Samain. Named after the greatest leader we ever had!" Then he puled out a pokeball and called the pokemon inside out. It was Light-Mew! Myles yelled with delight! He ran over to him but he just knocked him back with his psychic powers then glared at him with evil eyes! "What have you done to him!" Samain answered simply, " We showed him our truth about you." Then continued, " The time you left him, the time you killed his master and stole him and his friends, the time you killed his friends and when you turned him into a mutant Mewtwo." Myles yelled, "Lies! All Lies!" Samain told Light-Mew to strangle him slowly! Light-Mew walked over and grabbed Myles by the neck and started to squeeze! Myles yelled and tried to pull away but Light-Mew was using it's psychic powers to hold on! Myles' body started going numb and everything was getting blurry! Myles said, "Light-Mew, remember...... Please remember...... pleassssssse......... It's........ me......... your........... friend...." Something clicked in Light-Mew's brain and he stopped! He then turned around and shot at Samain! Samain yelled and jumped away just in time! Myles told Light-Mew to run and followed him! They reached the outside and ran for some bushes! They jumped behind a tree just as the sirens sounded and Light-Mew had enough time to teleport them to an entry to the underground! Myles and Light-Mew ran in went straight to Sabrina's house! Myles walked in with Light-Mew and told Sabrina everything and then asked Light-Mew what he remembered. Light-Mew said he remembered nothing but the lies he had been told and said that when he looked into Myles' eyes something told him to stop. Myles took him to the chair and Sabrina started the memory machine.