Practical jokes, Pranks and BSB Fun...

Nick Pranks

-Nick's fave prank was when he gave Donna Wright a piece of gum that tasted like fish.

-Nick thought it would be funny to hang Brian's fave shirt out the window. But this plan backfired when Brian's shirt fell, and got ran over by a car. Nick ended up buying an identical shirt for Brian.

-Nick once thought it would be funny to break into AJ's room and steal all of his clothes. AJ totally freaked! But AJ and the guys got him back when they shoved Nick out of the dressing room, wearing only his boxers, in front of many screaming fans!

-Nick filled a sock with many different and disgusting smelling "unknown contents" (i found out what it was, and EWWWW! nasty boy!). He then hid it behind the drum set during a show. The smell was so unbearable by the end of the show.

-Nick and the guys were attending a fancy party. Nick, being the prankster that he is, decided to start a cake fight. (Let me remind you, it was a very fancy party!!!)

-Nick once decided to mess the microphones before a show to make them sound really strange. This prank also backfired, 'cuz the other guys caught him doing it, and decided to fix theirs and screw up Nick's. He had the main vocal part too!!!

Pranks Played on Nick

-Aaron, Nick's little bro, told Nick there was a present for him in his room. Aaron locked Nick in his room for an hour! (Run for ur life, Aaron! lol)

-The guys replaced Nick's mic with a banana!

-Aaron called Nick over to see something in the water. When Nick leaned over, Aaron pushed him in and then ran like crazy!!!