5 Guys with One Dream: THE BACKSTREET STORY

Back in 1993 was when it all began. In Orlando, FL was were the first Backstreet boys joined. All looking for a chance at fame and stardom in the music business; Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Howard Dorough were going to auditions, one after the other. After running into one another a few times, they became friends interested in forming a group. They decided to add 2 more members to the group in order to make richer harmonies as a group. Finally 2 members were found, but fortunely left for personal reasons (yay! this made room for kev and bri!). Kevin Richardson, who worked in Disney World as Aladin at the time, heard of the search for 2 more members for this group. He spoke with the 3 members and called up his cousin Brian Littrell to join. On April 20th 1993, the Backstreet Boys were born. They named themsleves after a market in Orlando "the Backstreet Market". After many turn-downs, the group found themselves a record company (Jive) that was willing to give these beginers a try. At first, they recorded some songs for their first album and be4 it was released, performed at malls and local events. In late 1995, they released their 1rst single "We've got it goin' on" which sky-rocked thru the charts in Europe, but unfortunatly failed in their own homeland, the good ol' USA. In 1996, they released their first album in Canada and over-seas. Since those past years, the boys have released 3 Canadian/Europeon albums and 3 Americain albums, and over 8 singles which were each a success. They have sold over 35 Million albums world-wide and won MANY awards from all over the world. Bet they wanna tell off the people that sed they couldn't make it, eh? (hehe) ~FIN~


BSB: The Good Old Days

Before they sold over 30 million albums world wide and were reconized as one of the most popular pop/R&B groups, the Backstreet Boys were just 5 guys trying to make it in the music business. As you can see, stadiums and award shows weren't exactly places available for these 5 dudes to perform at. Instead, they performed at schools, malls, and local events. AWWWW, don't they just look adorable? They are soo cute when they're young! hehe

Concerts? In stadiums?

WOW! Looks like all that hard work finally paid off! from malls to stadiums. And for once, Brian's family weren't the ones that bought all the tickets. This time, it was actually fans. lol Sold out shows all over the world for stadiums that hold up to 30,000 fans. Now thats what i call "Boy Power!" hehe.

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