Meet Johnny Suede:

AJ McLean's alter ego "Johnny Suede" performed in concert on January 9th (his b-day) and certainly threw one heck of a show!

From Rock n Roll to R&B, he performed bitchin' songs in his own style, which included 3 BSB songs:
"If you knew what I Knew", "Lay Down Beside Me" and his own rockin' version of "Hey Mr DJ". hehe

Opening up in handcuffs, and baring all of AJ's tattoos wasn't the highlight of the show; infact, a lil' surprise visit from his fellow bandmate Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell stole the hearts of many teenyboppers in the audience. The two performed Brian McKnight's "Back at One" and "6/8/12".

The show ended with "Bad to the BONE" (gee...wonder what that means?haha) and a bunch of hyperactive fans pushing eachother outta the way to reach the stage.

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