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To my bestest bud, the KEWLEST dudette (other than moi, hehe)....Frack aka Burnsy aka Beavis aka Smartass aka Katherine Carter (u wish!) hehe. Well, this site is dedicated 2 U, lol. For 2 reasons:

#1- ur my best bud! of course u deserve a site dedicated for u! lol.

#2- u let me have Nick on Mondays thru Thursdays, hehe. he's ALL mine, just playin'.

Well, what can i say Beavis? Aint Nick cute? hehe. Petit Nickolas! lmao. that was the dumbest thing we ever made up. lol. Other than the pronounciation of "Poutine"! haha. Till this day, i can say it rite! hehe. Well, as Richardshit would say (haha!), "Cums a time where we must all pluck one's eyebrows" ...LMAO!~ (laughin' my ass case u were wondering, hehe). Well, if there's ne-thing i still havent sed on ur answering machine (By the way, u wanna edit one of my messages? ur mom will beat me up! hehe. Such foul language!) hehe. Well, signing off as Willy, hehe, "Turn off the HOOSE!!! the HOOSE, the HOOSE! (LMAO!)" , "get outta town *scottish accent*, im from Scotland too!". hehe. Call ya laters Burnsy! and i PROMISE, ur getting every single pic that i take at the concert, if i meet em, ur getting the autograph, and if i boink Nick, u get the video! LMAO! just kiddin' bout the last one! hehe. I'm watching the video first! haha! PS- "Depends in what way"....hehe! oh dear, i GOTTA tell him if i ever meet him. lol. But till then: "Look Butthead! the shit is coming out of the ass of the ass!!!"....thanx for making me watch that movie, lol. and can u believe i used to hate B & B? man, i mustve been really dumb! ....oh, shut up! lol. i know what ud say. hehe

Well, I also gotta give a shout-out to Danesy Wanesy! Yeah, the Penguin! The only ~Cru~ member to be all orange, hehehe. Red, u rock! And, thanx for the swiss rolls, hehe. Oh shoot, I forgot to tell your mom the dirty joke about the nun and the monkey...etc. We bond so much! haha. "Look! It's Royale!!!" Jen:"U got a new friend??? Who's Royale???"... LMFAO! (Laughin' my fat ass off!). Neways, I'm wasting prescious donut-eating moments, so I guess I'm gonna go grab a bite at Dunkin Donuts. Luv always and Deeply, The Yale Bale...hehe! AKA the ~Cru~ dudesy formally known as ~AsS~. hehe

PS- U and ur uncle Mark. Geez! "I don't get it..." *10 minutes later* "Ohhhhhhhh! hahahahaha.....*sigh* ha!"
PPS- Since u wanted sentimental value, here ya go:
You're one of my closest friend (that I don't boink with, hehe) and sorry if I'm a bad hugger. I'll practice on "Hot Metro Guy". BTW, I'm glad I helped u get over ur fear of Metro's. I love ya, buddy. And don't forget me when you're a famous fashion consultant to BACKSTREET BOYS (dressing them in Parasuco and Ecko). hugs and kisses, your most perverted yet funniest buddy. Luv ya! :o)