Watching Over Her (K)
Written by Kasey Korth
Sequel. Short story.

We Have Each Other (K+)
Written by Mandie Booher
Sequel. Short story.

We'll Meet Tomorrow (T)
Written by Erin
The sequel to The Ship of Dreams. After surviving the sinking of the Titanic, Jack and Rose move to Wisconsin with their daughters and Anastasia. Even so, turmoil follows them. Sequel. Updated 3/29/08.

What Do the Stars Say? (T)
Written by Michelle V.
1960’s story. Complete.

What Hurts the Most (T)
Written by Kayley Taylor
Sarah is raised to believe that she is the daughter of Cal Hockley. She also believes that Rose is her mother who left her when she was just a baby. Sarah loses the one thing she had faith in her whole life. Sequel. Complete.

What If? (T)
Written by Rami M.
Present time. Complete.

When She Says She Loves Me (T)
Written by Ella
The sequel to So Deep. Jack's perspective. Sequel. Short story.

When the Heart Stops Beating (K)
Written by Emilie
Sequel. Short story.

When the Ship Docks (K+)
Written by Rose-Arwen-Padmé
A movie vignette. Rose's P.O.V. during the scene on deck when she tells Jack she's getting off with him, whether it makes sense or not... "That's why I trust it." Interstice. Short story.

Where I Want to Be (K+)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Jack and Rose were separated in the water. One year later, after giving birth to Jack’s son, Rose goes to Chippewa Falls to find Jack engaged. How will they find their way back together and make a life for themselves and their son? Sequel. Complete.

Where it is Very Cold (K+)
Written by Belle
My tribute to the Ship of Dreams. Poem.

The Whistle (K)
Written by Written by Maru
Rose and her mother sail away on a lifeboat while Jack stays on the Titanic—he is not locked up, though. As she watches the ship go down, Rose wonders if she'll ever see her lover again and tries to decide what she'll do once in NY. Interstice. Short story.

Why Did it Happen to Us? (T)
Written by Stephanie
Sequel. Short story.

Will You Be There, Too? (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Present time. Complete.

Will You Remember Me? (K)
Written by Debanjan Banerjee
A poem from Cal to Rose.

With the Daylight (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Sequel. Complete.

Without You (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Present time. Complete.

The Wounded Soul (T)
Written by Written by Michelle
Sequel. Short story.