Chapter Thirteen

Isolde was still sitting in the deck chair. She stopped messing with her hair and wrapped her arms around Harold's neck. The kiss deepened. Isolde suddenly pulled away, a bit out of breath. Their breathing came out in short little clouds of mist. They both laughed at themselves. It seemed that everything was perfect.

But in Isolde's mind, she was debating whether or not to tell Harold about Shamus. She finally decided against it. It would only cause trouble. There was really nothing to worry about. Shamus didn't know Harold was an officer. There was little chance they would run into each other. Plus, she wanted their time on the Titanic to be worry-free, for who knew what would happen after they reached New York?

Harold was now standing. He was slipping his coat on. Isolde stood up as well. She saw the tip of his nose becoming a bright red. She let out a small giggle. He furrowed his brow. What could she possibly be laughing at? He decided to let her continue, but only for a moment.

Isolde suddenly stopped her giggling. Harold was looking at her intently. A blush rose on her face. She hoped it would be masked by the cold that brought a rosy color. He suddenly smiled and offered his arm. Isolde gladly accepted as they began making their way around deck.

It was a comfortable silence for nearly a half hour until Harold broke it. He stopped short and turned to face her. She looked around deck. She noticed that it was the place where she had boarded the ship, where she had first met Harold when he had checked her ticket. Isolde looked up at him, unsure if she had done something wrong earlier. She didn't let it show, though.

"Isolde," he began softly, then finished in a rush of words. "I don't want you to go to New York."

"What?" she began loudly, pulling her hand away from his. "Why?"

"Itís not a bad thing," he began hurriedly, trying to fix his mistake. "I want to marry you!"

Isolde's jaw literally dropped. She was speechless. They had only known each other for a couple of days! Harold suddenly grabbed her hand. He knelt on one knee.

"Isolde," he began with a grin, "will you be my wife?"

"Harold--" she began nervously, hundreds of thoughts speeding through her mind all at once.

She looked down at him. His skin was red with cold. His dark hair hung messily over his forehead. A huge smile was on his face, but she saw the nervousness and love in his eyes. She couldn't refuse him. That was when Isolde finally realized it--she had loved him since the first time she had seen him. It had truly been love at first sight.

Isolde smiled. "Yes," she said softly.

Harold's eyes widened. "Y-yes?" he began with a stutter, as if it was a miracle. "You said yes?"

He quickly stood with a happy yell. Lifting her off the ground, he spun her around in a circle. His sudden excitement gone, he gently set her down on the deck. Harold decided she looked more beautiful than ever at that exact moment. He pulled her close and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. He quickly pulled away. Isolde looked up at him curiously.

He shook his head. "This isn't right--" he began with a frown.

"What?" Isolde began. Was he taking back his proposal?

"No! Not like that!" he began hurriedly after seeing the look that came over her face. "I meant that you need a ring."

"Harold--" she began. She wasn't a fancy person. Isolde didn't need expensive jewelry.

"No," he said sternly. "When we reach New York, I will buy you an engagement ring."

Isolde smiled. He looked so handsome when he was determined. He smiled and leaned down to kiss her again, whispering to her at the same time. "I would do anything for you."

She smiled against his lips. Pulling away for a moment, she looked straight into his eyes. "And I would follow you to the ends of the earth."

Chapter Fourteen