The Ocean Holds My Heart (K)
Written by All the Good Names Taken
A poem I wrote after watching the movie.

Ocean's Ghost (K)
Written by Just Another Wannabe
She'd go to the ocean and let it haunt her. Because it was better than ever forgetting. Sequel. Short story.

Oceans are Cold, but Death is Colder (T)
Written by Aradiea
Sequel. Short story.

Ode to Titanic (T)
Written by Britta and Jeanita Sheffey
Titanic, the movie, is now Titanic, the musical. This story was written all in fun. No intention to offend is meant. Interstice. Complete.

Odyssey of the Mind (T)
Written by Angela Cribben and Jennifer Lindlief
Sequel. Complete.

Olivia (T)
Written by Lisa Long
Olivia Barlow falls in love with Caledon Hockley and eventually marries him. She thinks she has found happiness but she soon finds out that some things are never as they seem. Sequel. Complete.

On the Edge of Forever (K)
Written by FordTruckGirl4TA
Short and sweet one-shot in honor of the anniversary of the disaster, and a look into the mind of Thomas Andrews moments before his death. Interstice. Short story.

On the Titanic (K+)
Written by Prestos Girl
Interstice. Short story.

Once Upon a Time (K)
Written by Clover
Rose before Titanic. Prequel. Short story.

One Last Time (M)
Written by Marcie Lucas
What if you could go back and claim your long lost love just one last time? Would you? Present time. Updated 9/2/07.

One Lucky Girl (K)
Written by Lauren Coombes
Based on a true story. Have you ever thought yourself lucky to survive something? I have. I've always been considered one lucky girl. And when you're battling for survival during the sinking of the Titanic, you need all the luck you can get. Interstice. Updated 10/18/09.

1,095 Days (T)
Written by Untouched X3
Rose makes an unusual discovery, and sends it off with a proper good-bye. Sequel. Short story.

Only a Heartbeat Away (K+)
Written by Elena, Maiden of Gondor
A poem inspired by Titanic.

Only Half the Man I Used to Be (K+)
Written by Emily
Jack didnít die in the water. Yes, I know its been written before. But the freezing water left him disabled. He feels like only half a man...will he be able to carry on? Will Rose still love him? Will Cal win Rose back? How will his life be affected? Sequel. Complete.

Or So I Read (T)
Written by Et-Spiritus-Sancti
Recounts the story that leads up to Cal's suicide. Sequel. Short story.

Our New Life (K)
Written by The Phantom It 14
Sequel. Short story.

Overboard (K+)
Written by Anne Blair
The suicide sceneówith a horrible twist. Interstice. Short story.