The Necklace (K)
Written by Jen887
Poem based on Titanic with a few changes.

Neither Let Go (K)
Written by Jaimie
Rose reflects on her love for Jack as an elderly woman. Sequel. Short story.

The Nephew (T)
Written by Michele McCoy
Is he just the son of Jack's sister, or something far more sinister? You be the judge. Sequel. Complete.

The Nephew (K)
Written by Primrose
Sequel. Short story.

Never Again (T)
Written by Sally
Present time. Short story.

Never An Absolution (K+)
Written by Robyn Redhead
Amelia Forester is taken on a first class trip on Titanic with her wealthy aunt, whose plans involve marrying Amelia off to a wealthy man. But what will happen when Amelia meets a certain White Star Line Officer? Interstice. Updated 8/29/2011.

Never Forget (K+)
Written by Jacob Black Luva
Rose will never forget certain points in her life. The moment she would never forget, the man she would never forget, and the promise she would never forget. This is a one-shot story of the night when she dies. Present time. Short story.

Never Forgetting or Forgiving (K)
Written by Starlight63
One of a series of poems about Lowe's thoughts before, during, and after the sinking of the Titanic.

Never Let Go (K+)
Written by Aetas
Jack gives Rose a small taste of freedom. Written from Rose's point of view. Interstice. Short story.

Never Let Go (K)
Written by Andrea L.

Never Let Go (K)
Written by Maru
Basically, a Jack and Rose story, starting when they're in the water. What happens when Rose literally refuses to let go? Sequel. Short story.

Never Let Go (T)
Written by Princess Pinky
Rose must force herself to literally let go of her one true love, Jack Dawson. But when the whistle blows, has she really let him go? Interstice. Short story.

Never Let Go (K+)
Written by SNN
So she turned on her stomach and, in the final threads of denial, tried to get him to stir, to breathe, to live. Interstice. Short story.

Never Looking Back (K+)
Written by Nicole Chute
Interstice. Sequel. Short story.

A New Beginning (K+)
Written by Verity Thompson
Rose discovers she is pregnant with Jack's child and wonders what her next steps will be. Sequel. Short story.

New Day (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Present time. Complete.

New Impressions (T)
Written by Lesley-Anne and Shirley
Present time. Complete.

Night Train (T)
Written by Shirley
Sequel. Complete.

Nightmare (T)
Written by Sara Rachelle
Four years later, Lizzy and Brock are married and have a wonderful life together. But when Brock is taken away from her, Lizzy's whole world crashes. Present time. Short story.

1929 (T)
Written by Anne Blair
What if Rose had gone back to first class with Cal on the Carpathia? How would her life have turned out? Sequel. Short story.

No Greater Love (T)
Written by Anne Blair
After Jack’s death in the Titanic sinking, Rose bears and raises their child alone, making unimaginable sacrifices for the daughter she loves more than anything in the world. Sequel. Updated 3/20/05.

No More 'If Only's' (K+)
Written by Michelle
A story about Jack and Rose both moving on after the sinking, but years later they meet again. Sequel. Complete.

No Need for One More Day (K)
Written by Kat B.
A poem that describes Jack's thoughts about life and Rose before he dies.

No, No Boats (K+)
Written by Shorty Ace
An alternate ending to the movie. What if Rose and Jack hadn't found each other right away? Interstice. Short story.

Nobody Said Love Was Gonna Be Easy (M)
Written by Cassie, Jeanita Sheffey, and Anne Blair
After the sinking, Jack and Rose start a new life together, but Cal and old enemies of the Dawsons contrive to make their lives miserable. Co-written with Jeanita Sheffey and Cassie. Warning: Contains graphic violence. Sequel. Updated 11/29/04.

A Not So First Class Dinner (K+)
Written by sabresrthebest
Everyone's favorite lookouts wreak a little havoc at dinner. Interstice. Short story.

Not Without You (K+)
Written by Ivana Kolanovic
A short story on Rose's love for Jack. Another one of my favorite scenes, the not without you scene. Interstice. Short story.

Not Without You (T)
Written by Jill Ayers
Interstice. Short story.

Nothing Else Matters (M+)
Written by JLuckyJ
Jack and Rose make love in the back seat of a car. Interstice. Short story.

Nothing More Important (T)
Written by Lutheran Chick
A poem about love and death.

Nothing on Earth Could Come Between Them (K)
Written by Heather Salazar
Sequel. Short story.

Nothing on Earth Could Reunite Them (K+)
Written by Glittering Sky
Nothing on earth could tear them apart. Or reunite them. Jack and Rose, in heaven. Sequel. Short story.

Now & Forever (T)
Written by Anne Blair In the present day, Jack and Rose meet in Canada, but Rose’s closed, formal society interferes in their burgeoning relationship. Present time. Updated 2/28/2011.

Nurse Dawson (K+)
Written by Maru
Set during WWI. Rose is a nurse in a little town near London. Everyday, she sees hundreds and hundreds of wounded men, but she never gets too close to any of them. What will happen when she finally opens up to someone? Sequel. Short story.