After The Sinking of the Titanic
Seth Newton Mize, Jimmie Tarlton, 1930

When the moon rose in its glory
And it drifted to the golden west
It told a sad new story
Sixteen hundred had gone to rest.
Captain Smith surely must have been a-drinking
Not knowing that he was doing wrong
He tried to raise a record
And let the Titanic go down.

Well, the porter had retired and was sleeping
He was dreaming of some sad dream
He dreamed the Titanic was sinking
Way out on the bottom of the sea.

Mr. Smith, he says to the rich man
"Oh try and come to light
Try and save your baby
Also your little lovin' wife."

Mrs. Smith heard her husband was a-drownin'
Way out on the deep blue sea
She cried out, "Oh Lord, have mercy
Oh Lord, send him back to me!"

When the sad news reached the city
That the Titanic had gone down
Many widows and poor little orphans
Was walkin' all 'round the town.

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