Richard D. Burnett, 1913

Titanic was the ship just on her maiden trip
To sail across the Atlantic Ocean wide;
It was a pleasure trip--millionaires aboard the ship,
But they never lived to reach the other side.


Titanic was her name; sailing Atlantic was her fame;
She sank about five hundred miles from home;
Sixteen hundred were unsaved--went down in the angry waves;
Went down in the angry waves to rise no more.
It was a dreadful scene, like a sad and awful dream,
To see so many perish beneath the waves;
There were children, husbands and wives were pleading for their lives,
But they all went down beneath the angry waves.

It was a dark and moonless night, and there was not a gleam of light
To light them from the darkness o'er the sea;
It was a solemn sound, just as the ship went down,
To hear the band playing ''Nearer, My God, to Thee.''

Mrs. Isidora Strauss, the wife and husband lost;
They were to each other noble, true and brave--
As they sung that Evening Hymn, she preferred to die with him,
And they both went down beneath the angry waves.

There was an eager, watching crowd, who had gathered like a cloud,
To watch the ocean steamer as she came,
But the captain and the crew went down in the ocean blue,
And they never, never heard them call their names.

Titanic Lyrics