To The Lifeboats

You and I are getting in the lifeboat
Father will be staying here a while
It will be like rowing in the serpentine
Come along now, let us have a smile...

Go along with mother to the lifeboat...


Don't even say it
I'll be fine
I'll collect you both tomorrow morning
You and this beloved son of mine.

I must get on that ship.

Madam, step this way into the lifeboat.

Mr. Straus, by all means take a place...

No. I will not go before the younger men
Go Ida--you must go now--

For what? To live without you?
Absolutely not!
Where you go I go!

You must get in
Please step this way...

Maddie dear, you must
Get in the lifeboat.

There is no time
Please don't delay.

Edgar, look I'm next to Mrs. Astor
This is the last to leave
It must be lowered now.

You must get in
Please step this way.

Eleanor you must
Get in the lifeboat
There is no time.

Caroline, come quick
Here is a lifeboat
This is the last to leave.

Little remaining,
Final lifeboat
It must be lowered now...

There's gotta be a place in that boat Kate--
Take it for God's sake!

I'm not going without you, Jim!
I don't want to be a widow before I'm a bride!

You're going to be a lady's maid!
Lady's maid in America!