No Moon

No moon
No wind
Nothing to spy things by
No wave
No swell
No line where sea meets sky
Can't see a thing says I
No reflection
Not a shadow
Not a glint of light
Meets the eye...

And we go sailing
Ever westward on the sea
We go sailing
Ever on go we...

It's a beautiful night, Mr. Straus
Even though there's no moon
Look at all the stars
Can you find the Big Dipper?
The Big Dipper? I can't even find our own
Stateroom. Every time I go out for a walk,
Finding my way back is an adventure.
Maybe you should break bread crumbs.

Can you feel how cold it's getting, Mrs. Straus?
All in the past couple of hours
Would you like me to get your fur stole?
What, and maybe never see you again?
No thank you, I'd rather freeze.

Are you cold then, Katie?
Not now that you've got your arm around me...
But I don't...
Oh, you're a funny one, Kate McGowan.
Funny? T'anks very much
Because you come right out with what you want.
And you find that funny do you think?
What kind of girl do you think I am?
You think I need to be told what I want?
Life's too short for that, me boyo.

The weather's quite changed, Mr. Lightoller
Yes sir, it's turned very cold
Only one point above freezing.
Ocean temperature’s down to thirty-one degrees, Captain.

Warn the carpenter to check our supply of
Fresh water, Mr. Murdoch--and tell the
Engine room to watch the stream winches.
Aye, Aye, Sir.
There's not much wind, is there?
No, sir. It appears to be a flat calm.

And we go sailing (See how calm it is)
Sailing (Smooth as polished glass)

Ever westward (Ah, the open sea)
On the sea.

We go sailing (Feel the bite in the air)

Ever on (Ah, the open sea)
Go we... (Smooth as polished glass)

Charles, think!
In two days, America!
What's the first thing you're going to do
When we get there, darling?
After marrying me, of course!

Apply to the sports desk of an important
NY newspaper. I'm sure that they can
Use a journalist with my experience.
Oh, darling, you're sure to be a success!
Let us both hope so!
That's why we're going there...

Good evening, gentlemen.

Madame, this happens to be the Smoking Room!

So I see.

Woman are never permitted in the first class smoking room, Madame.

Don't look so shocked, gentlemen,
There's a new world out there.

There's a new world out where?

Mr. Hartley, that's a new melody--
What's it called?