The Radio Room

Excuse me! Excuse me!

Who's there?

Barrett! Barrett!

The stoker? I remember!
Welcome to the most important place in the
Whole ship! What can I do for you?

I heard you can actually send a
Message back to England.

You heard right--all right.
Sitting right here I can communicate
With important people all over the world.
I'd explain how it works but I'm...
Hold on--message coming in! An
Iceberg warning. It's from the Baltic.
That's your old ship!


As you can see I'm awfully busy
Barrett so what is it you want?

Shouldn't the Captain know about that iceberg then?

Not to worry, I've already sent him half dozen warnings just like it.
If you ask me--they don't know what the
Bloody hell they're doing up there!
Excuse my French.
It's like we say in the telegraphy business
You can't be in the telegraphy business and remain a Christian.

So how much would it cost to send
A message to my girl in England?
Sort of a romantic message?

Very pretty. But romance or not the
Minimum rakes two pounds four.

Two bloody quid!? That's twice what they
Pay me to America and back!

Hold on! Maybe I can give you a professional discount?

Oh yeah, how much would that cost?
They'll never know the difference!

Ah…you must be sort of a romantic person yourself!

Not me. Romance and telegraphy don't mix.
How can you communicate with only one person
When you've got the entire world talking to you!
I'll need the name and address...

Darlene Watkins,
Nottingham, England

All right.

What's that you're doing?

Darlene Watkins--Nottingham,
England, sir--what's the rest of it?

I don't's gotta be just the right thing.
Darlene's sort of funny you see.
She said if I wouldn't take it serious she knew somebody who would.
I'm not due back for another two weeks
So I might as well come straight out with it...