Dorsey Dixon

It was 25 years ago when the wings of death came low
And spread out on the ocean far and wide.
A great ship sailed away with her passengers so gay
To never, never reach the other side.


Sailing out to winter pain, the Titanic was her name,
When she had sailed 500 miles from shore
Many passengers and her crew went down with that old canoe;
They all went down to never rise no more.

This great ship was built by man, that is why she could not stand;
"She could not sink" was the cry from one and all.
But an iceberg ripped her side and it cut down all her pride;
They found the hand of God was in it all.

Your Titanic sails today, on life's sea you're far away,
But Jesus Christ can take you safely through.
Just obey his great command, over there you'll safely land,
You'll never go down with that old canoe.

When you think that you are wise, then you need not be surprised
That the hand of God should stop you on life's sea.
If you go on in your sin, you will find out in the end
That you are just as foolish as can be.