A Lady Named Rose (T)
Written by Michele McCoy
Rose adapts to her new identity and lives a life that surpasses her wildest dreams, only to find Jack's memory haunting her at every turn. Sequel. Updated 6/24/07.

The Last Days of Jay Gatsby (T)
Written by A Summer Breeze
Jack and Rose Dawson, Titanic survivors, a WWI vet and his actress wife, move their kids to West Egg in the summer of 1922, and meet and befriend their neighbors, Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby, who bears a striking resemblance to Jack. A Titanic/The Great Gatsby crossover. Sequel. Updated 7/13/2012.

The Last Full Day (K+)
Written by Chohong Choi
The sequel to A Third Class Dinner Conversation. This story shows what happened to the main characters between the scenes (with some of the real scenes included) throughout Sunday, April 14, 1912. Interstice. Short story.

The Last Testament of Ruth DeWitt Bukater (K+)
Written by Karen Lewis
Sequel. Short story.

Last Thoughts (T)
Written by Almost Famous
"Before we die, we often imagine a life that could never be." A woman's last thoughts before death. Interstice. Short story.

The Last Time Titanic Ever Saw Daylight (T)
Written by Michelle Kinder
Interstice. Complete.

Later (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Sequel. Short story.

Lawsuit (K)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
What if Jack and Cal went to small claims court? Present time. Short story.

Le Coeur de la Mer (K+)
Written by Permanent Rose
She does not know why she still keeps it. She laughs at it now, as she fingers the intricately cut diamond. This diamond, a rare blue gem cut into the semblance of a heart, is the reason why she has been freed from the binds of her memories. Present time. Short story.

Le Coeur de la Mer (K)
Written by Seven Sparkles
This is what I believe were Roseís thoughts when Cal gave her the Heart of the Ocean. Interstice. Short story.

Legacy (K+)
Written by Ivy
In 1929, Roseís son, Tom, goes east seeking Caledon Hockley. Sequel. Complete.

Lessons in Love (M)
Written by Marcie Lucas
A Titanic/Harry Potter crossover. Present time. Updated 7/31/2011.

Let Me Be Me (K+)
Written by Starlight63
Roseís thoughts and feelings on the Titanic. Poem.

Let's Leave the Past Behind (K+)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Jackís parents are alive and well, but surprises, secrets, and hatred threaten to come between the young lovers. Sequel. Complete.

Letter From Queenstown (K+)
Written by Shirley
Prequel. Short story.

A Letter to the White Star Line (T)
Written by Balooie
Jack thinks about the strongly worded letter he planned on sending. Sequel. Short story.

Letters to You (K)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
If Rose were to write letters to Jack, this is how they might go. Sequel. Updated 7/31/2011.

Letting Go (K+)
Written by An Unknown Writer
It is never easy to say good-bye, especially to those you love. Rose must do the unthinkable and put love aside to keep her promise. Interstice. Sequel. Short story.

Letting Go (T)
Written by Limonade
Letting go isn't as easy as Rose thinks. Interstice. Short story.

Liberty (K+)
Written by Hippogriff Tamer
The passengers on the Titanic were eager to see the Statue of Liberty. Helga and Fabrizio were no exception. Interstice. Short story.

Life After Jack (T)
Written by James
Rose and her daughter, Opal, are living in the year 1915, and Rose is still thinking about Jack and Cal. But what if Cal comes back? Maybe Jack is still alive, maybe not. There is a lot of suspense in this story. Sequel. Complete.

A Life of Glamour (K)
Written by Fluffy the Pitbull
The short memoirs of a blue diamond. Sequel. Short story.

A Life So Changed (T)
Written by Kayley Taylor
Sequel to What Hurts The Most. Sarah finds love for the first time, but she has to cross over the one spirit she never wanted to help. Sequel. Complete.

A Life So Changed (T)
Written by Lisa Gibbs
Present time. Complete.

A Life Together (M)
Written by DawsonGirl777
Jack survives and he and Rose spend their lives together. Sequel. Updated 7/13/2012.

A Life's Tragedy (T)
Written by Jenna
Story about Cal finding true love. Will his pride stop him? From Cal's POV. Very close to the movie until then end. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

The Lifeboat (K+)
Written by Anne Blair
During the sinking, Cal is killed rescuing Rose. Interstice. Short story.

Lifeboat 14's Return (K+)
Written by Irish Story Teller
Harold Lowe's thoughts as he returns to rescue survivors. Interstice. Short story.

Like a Dream (K+)
Written by Christa P.
Present time. Short story.

A Line in the Ocean (K+)
Written by Jeff Norberg.
Interstice. Short story.

The Listener (K)
Written by Nameless for Now
In the last moments of the RMS Titanic there were her musicians, there was her last hymn, and there was a listener to that hymn. Interstice. Short story.

Little Rich Girl (T)
Written by Jen
A Titanic/Star Wars crossover. A young woman is forced to marry a man she does not love. Will a Jedi make it worse? Complete.

Live (K+)
Written by Christa P.
Interstice. Short story.

Lives Collide (T)
Written by Kahlan Locknar
A story if Jack had survived. Sequel. Complete.

The Living Legend (K+)
Written by Poke My Pocky
If an ocean liner were alive, what would it say? Prequel. Interstice. Sequel. Short story.

Lizzy's Ending (K)
Written by Anarra
What if Rose didnít throw the diamond off the ship? What if Lizzy found it after her death? Present time. Short story.

Lonely (K)
Written by Savvy Jack's Girl
Rose's thoughts before she met Jack. Poem.

Long Awaited (K+)
Written by Nameless for Now
Cora Cartmell and Jack Dawson meet in heaven. Sequel. Short story.

The Long Journey Home (K+)
Written by Elizabeth Davidson
Sequel. Short story.

The Longest Night (T)
Written by Anne Blair
Rose stays in the boat, while Jack and Cal struggle against the North Atlantic together. Interstice. Short story.

Look Out Below! (T)
Written by Ayane Murdoch
The two lookouts encounter the wrath of Second Officer Lightoller, after some unusual activities. Present time. Short story.

Lost (K+)
Written by Hippogriff Tamer
Rose felt so lost, until one night... Sequel. Short story.

Lost and Found: Titanic (T)
Written by 24Chocoholic24
The rescue ship is docked in New York, and the officers are taking note of both survivors and known victims of the Titanic wreck. Rose offers Jack's name to the victim list, but that quickly changes. Sequel. Short story.

Lost to the Sea (K+)
Written by Wazzie
A survivorís account of her experience on the Titanic. Interstice. Short story.

Love (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Sequel. Short story.

Love (K)
Written by Lydia

Love Always, Rose (K)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Prequel. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

Love by Chance (K+)
Written by Marguerite and Anne Blair
After many years apart, Jack and Rose meet again on an airplane in this present time story. Co-written with Marguerite, who came up with the idea and alternated chapters with me. Present time. Complete.

Love Can't Wait (K)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Present time. Short story.

A Love Deeper Than the Sea (K+)
Written by Christie Viola
Rose remembers her one true love. Sequel. Short story.

Love Doesn't Ask Why (K)
Written by Molly Brown
Present time. Complete.

A Love for Eternity (K+)
Written by Christa P.
Sequel. Complete.

Love for Life and Beyond (K+)
Written by Viola Williams
Sequel. Complete.

Love is Like Falling (K)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Even after death, Jack saves Rose from falling. Sequel. Short story.

Love is More Than a Feeling (K+)
Written by Liza Bozarth and Anne Blair
After surviving the sinking of the Titanic, Jack and Rose marry, enjoy Santa Monica, and, after conflict with Cal, move to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Co-written with Liza Bozarth. Sequel. Complete.

Love is Never Easy (K)
Written by Vivian Fung
Talk about love and what it really means. Idea from the ending of the movie. Sequel. Short story.

Love Isn't Always Beautiful (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
They have each other, but will that be enough for what lies ahead? Is it even enough for everything that happens just during the first few years of their marriage? The epic tale of Jack and Rose's life together. Sequel. Updated 1/7/2012.

Love Lasts for Eternity (K)
Written by Lauren Coombes
After the Titanic sinks, Jack and Rose are both rescued, unaware that the other is alive. They are reunited on the Carpathia and start a new life together. Where will life take them? Will they live a happy life? Sequel. Updated 7/31/2011.

A Love Never Fading (K+)
Written by Isobel Christian
This is the story of how Jack and Roseís lives might have been if they had both survived the sinking. It follows the early years of their marriage in New York City. Sequel. Complete.

A Love Reborn in the Streets (M)
Written by Marcie Lucas
A Titanic/Gangs of New York crossover. After the devastating disaster of the Titanic, Jack and Rose get separated, only to find themselves in dire straits in New York City. Each go their own way, which leads them into alternate worlds of catastrophe. Sequel. Updated 6/24/07.

Love Story (K)
Written by Alanna
Jack was her best friend. Jack was her life. Jack was her love. Sequel. Short story.

Love Story (T)
Written by Emerson Rose
Jack and Rose's daughter falls for Cal's son, not knowing of their parents history and Cal not knowing Rose is alive. When Cal finds out about Eliza Dawson's parentage, the consequences will be deadly. Sequel. Updated 7/31/2011.

Love Story (K+)
Written by RonXbouillabase
Songfic to Taylor Swift's Love Story. Short story. Present time.

Love That Never Fades (T)
Written by Ivana Kolanovic
Jack and Rose survived the sinking of the Titanic. Will Jack's love for Rose grow stronger? Will their love for each other ever fade away? Sequel. Complete.

A Love We Can Only Dream Of (T)
Written by Emma Wilson
Interstice. Complete.

A Love Well Spent (K+)
Written by Jana Clayton
Sequel. Short story.

Love Will Lead You Back (T)
Written by Jessica Rose
Interstice. Short story.

Lovers Lost and Children Found (K+)
Written by Amanda
Sequel. Complete.

The Lowe Down (K+)
Written by Harold Lowe
Setting the record straight. Interstice. Short story.

Lucky Mr. Dawson (K+)
Written by Kaitlin Lawler
When the love of a first class woman sends two fishermen out to sea after the biggest disaster in history, what will they find? Sequel. Complete.