Jack and Rose After Titanic (T)
Written by Becky Czykyski
Sequel. Complete.

Jack and Rose Going to Europe (T)
Written by Becky Czykyski
Sequel. Complete.

Jack and Rose: A Tribute (K+)
Written by Belle
Just what the title tells you. Sequel. Short story.

Jack and Rose: Present Time (T)
Written by Liza Bozarth
The first ever present time story! Read about Jack and Rose and all of their best friends in this dramatic, award winning story! Present time. Complete.

Jack and Rose: Present Time 2: Junior Year (T)
Written by Liza Bozarth
The sequel to Jack and Rose: Present Time. Present time. Complete.

Jack and Rose: Present Time: Resurrection (T)
Written by Liza Bozarth
The sequel to Jack and Rose: Present Time 2: Junior Year. Present time. Updated 2/20/05.

Jack and Rose: Together Forever (T)
Written by Mollie
Sequel. Complete.

Jack and Rose's Letter (K+)
Written by Hercules
Sequel. Short story.

The Jack Dawson Diaries (T)
Written by Alice King
A Titanic/The Basketball Diaries crossover. Jack Dawson is ten years old in 2003. Life is pretty downhill for him and his family, so in desperation, Jack turns to one of the worst things anybody could doótake drugs. At first, the drugs he gets from older kids makes life seem better, but soon enough it turns out he has made a really bad choice. Present time. Updated 4/24/2011.

Jack Dawson is Pretty Fly (K+)
Written by Kelsey Koch
Poem based on the song Pretty Fly (For a White Guy).

Jack Dawson's Day Off (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Set during the mid-1980s. Jack, Rose, and Fabrizio take a day off from high school in search of adventure, while their principal and Jack's bitter cousin, Cal, try to catch them breaking the rules. Based loosely on Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 1980's story. Updated 9/5/2011.

Jack the Survivor (T)
Written by Kelly Reinhart
Present time. Short story.

Jack vs. Cal (T)
Written by Rachel Walker
Humor piece. Short story.

Jack's Dreams That Night (T)
Written by Doug Kuhlman
Interstice. Short story.

Jack's Final Moments (T)
Written by Doug Kuhlman
Interstice. Short story.

Jack's Hands (M+)
Written by JLuckyJ
An entry in JLuckyJ's Jack and Rose: The Sex Chronicles series. Sequel. Short story.

Jack's Last Words (K+)
Written by Writing at Random
Ever wondered what was going through Jack Dawson's head just before he died? Wonder no more! Here is what I believe to be his thoughts in those last few minutes of his short life. Interstice. Short story.

Jack's Letter to Rose (K)
Written by Becky Czykyski
Sequel. Short story.

Jack's Rose (T)
Written by Jo
Sequel. Complete.

Jasmine (T)
Written by Prita
An account of Titanic from the spiritual angle. Interstice. Complete.

John and Miriam (K+)
Written by Anne Blair
The first book in The Calverts series. A young couple, John and Miriam Calvert, set off for America aboard the Titanic. Cameos by the movie characters, and John is my interpretation of Roseís future husband. Interstice. Complete.

John and Rose (K+)
Written by Anne Blair
The fourth book in The Calverts series, following The Calverts and Rose Goes On. John Calvert and Rose Dawson marry and make a life together with Johnís daughters and Roseís son. Sequel. Updated 7/2/09.

Josephine (K+)
Written by The Almighty Cheez It
A tear found its way down her cheek as Rose looked up at her second child. A beautiful baby girl in the arms of one of the nurses, crying in that adorable way only newborns can achieve. Josephine. Sequel. Short story.

Josephine (K+)
Written by Decalage
Interstice. Short story.

The Journey Continues (K+)
Written by Robyn Redhead
Sequel to Scarlett's Journey. See what happens when an extraordinary turn of events brings all the characters back together again. Sequel. Updated 4/24/2011.

A Journey of One (M)
Written by Anne Blair
A sequel to A California Rose. Rose leaves her home in Masline and sets out on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. Warning: Contains references to femmeslash. Do not read if you find this offensive. Present time. Updated 7/9/09.

Journey's End (K+)
Written by Mollie
Different type of Jack Lives...he finds Rose, but she is already married with a family. What will he do? Sequel. Short story.

Jumping Rights (K+)
Written by Anael Marie
Takes place during the movie when Rose is about to take the lifeboat without Jack. Interstice. Short story.

Just Behind You (K)
Written by Debanjan Banerjee
A poem from Cal to Rose.

Just By Fate (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Sequel. Short story.

Just for a Moment (K)
Written by Simply Cute Bambi
If only I had kept my mouth shut. If only. If I could switch places with her, I would in a heartbeat. The remorse was slowly eating me up. I would give anything to have her in my arms even if it was just for a moment. Present time. Short story.

Just Friends (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Present time. Complete.

Just One More Night (K+)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Itís after Titanic and Jack is dead. An ailing Rose is granted one more night with Jack. Sequel. Short story.

Just When I Needed You (T)
Written by Shay
Present time. Complete.