Nine months later, Arabella was blessed with twins, a boy and a girl. She would, on occasion, have nightmares about that night on the ship and would dream about the last time she saw Thomas. After the funeral, Arabella had received a letter from a stewardess who had been on the Titanic who had survived. The letter said the following:

Mr. Andrews met his fate like a true hero, realizing the great danger, and gave up his life to save the women and children of the Titanic. They will find it hard to replace him.

Arabella never re-married, and because of the will that Thomas had written, re-written when he married Helen, and then re-written again after Helen and his child died, Arabella was able to live off of the money that he had left for her. Her mother died seven years later, and six months later, Thomas's mother and father followed. Arabella was never courted by anyone. At one point, Matthew's parents did come knocking, but they were told by Arabella herself that she had no business with them and for them to please leave her alone. She stayed in contact on a regular basis with Molly and Rose, writing to them every day. Her son, Jonathan, and daughter, Margaret grew up to be very successful, never leaving Ireland but still becoming great people. After her return to Ireland, Arabella never got onto a boat or ship again. She lived her life carrying out some of the things that she and Thomas had planned and attended every memorial service that occurred in Ireland. She died at seventy-two years old, in the home in Southampton that Thomas had lived in before leaving on the Titanic. She never left the house, and left the home to her son, who stayed there. The house still remains in the family.

The End.