Gabriel's Story (T)
Written by Kait Arrington
Interstice. Short story.

The Gallery (K+)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
It’s fourteen years after the sinking. Rose has still not recovered from losing Jack. What happens when she and her friend pay a visit to a New York gallery on the anniversary of the sinking? Sequel. Short story.

A Game of Luck (T)
Written by Aebhel
Jack's fate rested on a hand of poker. Another way the story could have gone. Prequel. Sequel. Short story.

Gentlemen's Agreement (M+)
Written by Little Alex
Jack/Cal slash. Interstice. Short story.

Get Mine, Get Yours (M+)
Written by Verity Thompson
Jack and Rose meet as strangers in a club. Present time. Short story.

A Ghostly Matchmaker (K+)
Written by Elizabeth
Sequel. Short story.

Ghosts (T)
Written by Michelle Kinder and Jack Cerrinos
Present time. Complete.

Going Home (K)
Written by I Believe in Snorkacks
As Jack and Rose wait to be rescued, Jack resolves himself to save Rose, even if he dies himself. Interstice. Short story.

Going Up She Goes, Up She Goes (T)
Written by Jessika K.
Jack and Rose survive the sinking of the Titanic. Will they live out their life as they plan, or will the universe have a different plan? Sequel. Updated 1/7/2012.

Gone Before the Leaves Change (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
A snapshot of Jack and Rose's rambling life together. Sequel. Short story.

Gone, But Never Forgotten (K)
Written by Emily
Rose's life without Jack. A short view of how I see it. Sequel. Short story.

The Grace of the Sea (K+)
Written by Sammi D.
Grace Montgomery boards the Ship of Dreams and meets Tommy Ryan. Their love is like a dream, but will it last, or will it end in a nightmare? Interstice. Complete.

A Grand Family (K)
Written by Starlight63
A poem about the Titanic and her designer and officers.

Gratitude (T)
Written by Becky
This is about Thomas Andrews and an old flame. She goes on the Titanic to get away from her fiancé. Will she and Thomas be able to live the life they originally planned? Interstice. Complete.

Gratitude the Second (T)
Written by Becky
What would have happened if I had let my mental side take over when I was writing Gratitude? Interstice. Short story.

A Gray Spot for Her Majesty (T)
Written by Kim
This story is dedicated to those who perished in the sinking of Titanic in memorial of the ninety-third anniversary. This is one of the stories that includes the facts of the sinking; from the ship's point of view. Interstice. Short story.

The Great War (M)
Written by Verity Thompson
Jack is conscripted into the war. How will Rose cope without Jack? What will the war hold for the couple? Sequel. Complete.

Group (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
A little parody about how a group therapy session between Jack, Rose, Cal and Ruth might go. Sequel. Short story.

Guardian Angel (K+)
Written by Lazy Chestnut
Rose takes a walk one morning and meets someone unexpected. Sequel. Short story.

Guarding a Gifted One (K)
Written by Starlight63
A poem from Thomas Andrews’ POV.