Written by Melinda Feather
Based on some situations originated by James Cameron.

Something woke him up. Outside the cabin there were strange voices in the corridors, but it was impossible to understand them. Unclear voices shouting and screaming. He tried again to sleep, but finally he gave up his tries and jumped down from his bed. He opened the door to the corridor. "Would you please..."

His anger-filled voice quieted down as he saw the huge mass of people trying to get through the iron gates to the another side.

"There is enough room in the boats, people! Do not worry at all!" the voice was supposed to calm people down but it did not work out. Boats? Why would they need them, Titanic could not sink, it was unsinkable. That had been told to him as he bought the ticket...

But all these terrified people seemed to disagree with him. His hand was shaking as he slipped it to the hinge. He started to sweat as he realized the horrible truth: Titanic was sinking and he with it. But he could not die! It could not happen to him, ordinary young Irish guy!

Immediately he got visions of his parents who had gone to the below decks have a party. If Titanic now was sinking to the Ocean closer and closer to the bottom, his parents had already taken their lungs full of seawater.

Quickly he dressed up with old, dirty clothes and left out to the corridor. Just in time. The gates now were opened and people were running out of them. He followed them and after many stairs and turns reached the deck. The boats were winched down to the ocean and the sailors tried to keep the people calm.

Suddenly as he had stood there couple minutes quietly, mutely watching at the screaming people, he felt water floating through his shoes. Cold water made him to try escape. The ship was starting to rise, that he felt and saw. He tried to run up, but after couple tries he had to let go. He flew through the air.

He felt pain. He had hit something and now he had fell to the water. He tried to rise and swim to the surface, but it was too far. Reach after reach, but he was out of air and the freezing water around made him panic. Then something hit him with powerful force from somewhere up hitting his neck.

He did not hear any sounds. He silently fell asleep and felt something pulling him down towards the deep black bottom.

The End.