Face Down (T)
Written by I Dream of Hardyz
Song-fic few-shot. AU/future. Rose is in awe over how different Jack Dawson is from her boyfriend Cal and finds herself falling for him. But Cal doesn't like this & sometimes, the price to pay is bruises...song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Face Down. Present time. Complete.

Fallen Angel (K+)
Written by Jennifer Price
Interstice. Short story.

Falling Into You (K)
Written by Molly Brown
Present time. Complete.

Falling Stars (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel and Anne Blair
A novel of Jack, Rose, and their family and friends from 1912 to 1996 as they experience the tumultuous events of the 20th century. Co-written with Ashley Thorel, who gave me the story after two chapters and allowed me to take it in my own direction. Sequel. Complete.

Family (K+)
Written by Maru
Rose has been forced to return to her family and marry Cal. She thinks she's all alone, but she doesn't know that there's someone out there trying to help her. And someone inside her house too. Sequel. Complete.

A Family Affair (K+)
Written by Ms. Wolfwood
When Thomas Andrews is forced to travel on the Titanic, the rest of the family decides to accompany him on her maiden voyage. Will the Andrews family be able to deal with the things fate throws their way? Interstice. Complete.

Famous Shipwreck (K)
Written by Persian85033
A Titanic/The Little Mermaid crossover. Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian have discovered the Titanic shipwreck. Sequel. Complete.

Fandom Death Match (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Jack and Cal. Who will win? Inspired in part by Deadliest Warrior. Present time. Short story.

Far Away (K)
Written by Verity Thompson
Set in 1920, Rose is just about to film her new moving picture and Jack is a photographer. Sequel. Complete.

Fate, Maybe? (K)
Written by Alexa Daly
Helena is an Irishwoman who gets the chance to travel on the Titanic to America. Everyone knows the Titanic is destined to sink. Does fate have different plans for her? Based on a true story. Prequel. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

A Father's Rescue (K+)
Written by Angela Cribben and Michele McCoy
A fragile Rose is nearly eaten alive on the streets of New York, until two mysterious men enter the picture--her long-lost father and a handsome stranger. Sequel. Complete.

Fatherly Love (K+)
Written by Verity Thompson
After the Carpathia docks, Rose struggles in New York until her father finds her. Sequel. Complete.

Feelings in the Spotlight (T)
Written by Michelle Valenzuela
Present time. Complete.

A Field of Daisies (T)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Present time story. Complete.

A Field of Daisies (T)
Written by Miss Bourne-Dawson
Nine years ago, Rose Dawson lost her husband to the Al-Qaeda attacks on the United States on 9/11. Now, when her son who has never known his father asks where his dad is, Rose tells their story of love, friendship, and tragedy. Present time. Updated 7/13/2012.

The Final Destination (K)
Written by A Vampire Bride
Ever wonder what events took place between the time Rose tossed the Heart of the Ocean into the ocean and when she fell asleep? Present time. Short story.

The Final Good-Bye (T)
Written by Michelle
Sequel. Short story.

Final Moments (K+)
Written by Black Amber
Story about an Irishwoman and her two kids on board the Titanic. Interstice. Short story.

Finally a Family (K+)
Written by Mandie Booher
Sequel. Short story.

Finding a Home (T)
Written by Kara
Prequel. Short story.

Finding Love in the Past (T)
Written by Moonlight and Midnight
A Titanic/Harry Potter crossover. Lily and James don't get along. But with a slip of the hand they accidentally end up in 1912, on the Titanic! Will they survive the terrible night at sea and still be able to find their love? In the past? Interstice. Present time. Time travel. Complete.

Finding Love on the Titanic (T)
Written by Barbara Personett
What if Ross and Rachel had been born ninety years earlier and had met on the fateful Titanic? Will they survive? Friends/Titanic crossover. Interstice. Complete.

Fire & Ice (M+)
Written by Megan Loves JB
Cal feels Rose owes him something she isn't willing to give him. Interstice. Short story.

A Fire in the Wind (K+)
Written by Clare
Sequel. Complete.

The Fire Within (M)
Written by Marcie Lucas
A Titanic/Gangs of New York crossover. The year is 1862. New York City. The Five Points was in complete disarray. Pickpockets, murderers, and prostitutes lived among the isle of freedom or so the new slavery abolishment act said. Although it wasn't so they were still treated like the immigrants they were. Blacks, Irish, and anyone who wasn't native born. Things were about to change in the Points sooner than anyone ever expected. Christa, who is only 17, has just found out her only living relative is in New York. On her journey she will learn the lessons of love and regret. Updated 2/26/07.

First Impressions (T)
Written by Allie
Rose's first impression of the Titanic, and of Jack, the first day onboard. Interstice. Short story.

First Love, True Love (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Present time. Complete.

Flight Into Freedom (K+)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Jack and Rose’s thoughts before, during, and after the flying scene. Interstice. Short story.

Flirtatiousness (T)
Written by Ilma
Jack told Rose to go on with her life, which she did. The turmoil begins in 1925. In this story both Jack and Rose are married, just not to each other. What happens when they meet again and their hidden feelings come up? Sequel. Updated 7/13/2012.

A Flood of Sunshine (K)
Written by Abby Normal
Sixteen years after Titanic. Cal silently observes Rose with her family. Sequel. Short story.

Flora (K+)
Written by M.R. Donofrio
Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

Flying (K)
Written by Ali
Rose's 'first' flying lesson. She thinks back on that day with Jack, flying at the front of the ship. Sequel. Short story.

Flying (K)
Written by DawsonGirl777
The flying scene in poem form.

Flying (K)
Written by Lumos
This a sweet little poem about the Titanic written by my friend Lumos. It is quite good and can be read more ways than one.

Flying Lesson (K+)
Written by Christa P.
Interstice. Short story.

The Flying Lesson (T)
Written by Miranda Fendley
Jack teaches Rose to fly on the bow of the Titanic. Interstice. Short story.

For All Eternity (K+)
Written by Kirki
Interstice. Complete.

For Better or Worse (K+)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Jack’s uncles are in Chippewa Falls. How will this affect Jack and Rose’s relationship? Sequel. Complete.

For Once in Your Life (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Sequel. Updated 4/24/2011.

For the Sake of Love (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
Sequel. Short story.

For What Could Have Been (K+)
Written by Georgiaish
What I imagine Jack's final thoughts to be of. Interstice. Short story.

For You (T)
Written by Permanent Rose
Rose’s thoughts after the Titanic has sunk and she waits in the freezing water to be rescued. Interstice. Short story.

For You, Jack Love, Rose (K)
Written by Liz

Forbidden Love (K+)
Written by Amanda
Present time. Complete.

The Force of the Sea (K+)
Written by Melinda Feather
Interstice. Short story.

Forever (K)
Written by Eccentrically Bonkers
A stream of consciousness belonging to one Rose Dawson. Sequel. Short story.

Forever (K+)
Written by Lanae Bradford
Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

Forever (K)
Written by Leah Warriner

Forever and Always (T)
Written by Just Above Your Average Dawson
"My Ma always told me that tale of reincarnation into dolphins. She says we're all children in our own way. Playing and having fun when we can. Then, we get older and have responsibilities. Soon, we get too old to play. Then we die. She says all good souls get reincarnated into dolphins. When they leap out of the water, you knew them. Then, they can spend eternity playing..." Prequel. Updated 7/13/2012.

Forever in My Never (K+)
Written by A Summer Breeze
Jack's thoughts during and after his death and after his reunion with Rose. Interstice. Sequel. Short story.

Forever Together (K)
Written by Heather Akers
Jack lives. It's what should have happened on Carpathia. Sequel. Short story.

A Forgotten Star (T)
Written by Mazeem
Atmospheric descriptions of two moving scenes in Titanic. Interstice. Complete.

Formality (K+)
Written by Kasey Korth
A story of two other passengers who fall in love aboard the Titanic, with references to Jack and Rose. Interstice. Complete.

The Fortune Teller (K+)
Written by Tracy Boardman
Prequel. Short story.

Found! (T)
Written by Baby Bee
Rose is back in her former first class life. She becomes friends with one of Cal's maids and finds out that the maid is the mother of Rose's true love. Rose runs away, and when she comes back, the maid she had become friends with has disappeared. Sequel. Complete.

Found Again (K)
Written by Phina
Jack's thoughts and reflections throughout the years. Sequel. Short story.

Free (K)
Written by She's a Star
Rose finally experiences the blissful rush of freedom that she's dreamed of for so long. Sequel. Short story.

Friendship, Courage, and Coffee (K+)
Written by Stephanie Watson
A tale of friendship, courage, and coffee from the view of 5th Officer Harold Lowe. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

From Beginning to End (K+)
Written by Gina-Neko-Chan
“We’ll get through this,” he'd said. “We’ll get through this, and we’ll see the Lady Liberty, and we’ll laugh because we were the lucky sons of bitches who managed to get through this.” Fabrizio and Tommy friendship oneshot. Interstice. Short story.

From Me to You (K)
Written by Yunie B.
A one shot of Rose and a summary of her feelings, her veneration. Sequel. Short story.

From Now Until Eternity (T)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Jack and Rose present time story. Present time. Complete.

From Rose to Jack (K)
Written by Lauren
This is just a little poem I wrote about Rose's continuing, undying love for Jack as she goes through with the rest of her life.

From the Depths (T)
Written by Nameless for Now
Why they just won’t leave me alone? I truly want to be alone. I’m tired. But they keep on returning to me again and again. Titanic's POV. Present time. Short story.

From This Day Forward (K+)
Written by Janet Marie Smekar
The sequel to A Titanic Love Story. Sequel. Short story.

Frozen (T)
Written by Aebhel
Rose has nightmares. Sequel. Short story.

Fumbling Toward Ecstasy (T)
Written by Engage Fiction
When Brynne Larence moved into her new apartment, she moved into a whole new life as a government agent. Her first mission takes her back in time to Titanic. Time travel story. Interstice. Present time. Complete.

Funny Quotes (T)
Written by Rose and Angie
A list of Titanic quotes. Interstice. Short story.

Funny Rose (K)
Written by Siriusly Addicted to Reading
A conversation that I had with my brother about Rose's name. Present time. Short story.

Funtanic (M)
Written by Abby Normal
Three shorts. One—our heroes get a little help from everyone's favorite Austrian. Two—it's Kate and Leo again, but they ain't Jack and Rose. Three—Kevin Smith…hence the M rating. Present time. Short story.

The Future's Past (T)
Written by J.B. Wright
Chelsea is a teen with a ‘special gift’. Not only can she communicate with the dead, but she can offer them a “second chance”. Never has she encountered so many ghosts who wanted to go back to the same place–the Titanic! Interstice. Present time. Updated 10/17/09.