Eclipse (K+)
Written by Trinity
Interstice. Sequel. Short story.

The Education of Rose Dawson: Part I (K+)
Written by Chohong Choi
The sequel to The Last Full Day. This story focuses on Rose and her new life in New York as soon as she alights from the Carpathia. Sequel. Complete.

The Education of Rose Dawson: Part II (K+)
Written by Chohong Choi
The sequel to The Education of Rose Dawson: Part I. Rose's New York story continues as she gets to know a pair of benefactors she met in the previous story and gains some knowledge of life in the Lower East Side. Sequel. Complete.

Elizabeth on the Titanic (K)
Written by Bloody Mary
A secret romance forms on the Titanic. Will the couple stay together? Or will their love go down with the ship? Interstice. Short story.

Eluding Destiny (T)
Written by Jamie and KS
Interstice. Complete.

Emily: The Other Bukater Girl (K)
Written by Sam Pembroke
Emily, the twin sister of Rose, is staying at the Bukater household while her adoptive mother is away in Europe. Ruth worries about her and tries to get Emily to be herself. Prequel. Short story.

Enamored (K+)
Written by Hippogriff Tamer
The first meeting with Jack Dawson left an impression on Cora Cartmell. Interstice. Short story.

The End (K+)
Written by Luv to Write
An alternate ending to the movie in which Rose decides not to throw away the Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace. Present time. Short story.

Endless Sea (K)
Written by Julie Ashcroft

Escape (T)
Written by Ivy
Sequel. Complete.

Escape: A Jack and Rose Story (K+)
Written by Mandie Booher
In this twist on the Titanic story, Rose is poor and traveling with her younger sister, while Jack is rich and unhappily engaged. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

Eternal Bliss (K+)
Written by Helena
Some of Jack's thoughts and feelings before he and Rose are reunited in heaven. Sequel. Short story.

Eternity (T)
Written by murmuring breeze-
The thoughts of the red-headed Rose, stranded with her Jack. And a decision that can keep them together forever. Interstice. Short story.

Eternity Beckons (K+)
Written by Lesley-Anne
Sequel. Short story.

Every Night (T)
Written by Ida
A Jack and Rose story that takes place after the ending in the movie. Not the traditional Jack lives story but a different spin on what happened when Rose and Jack were reunited. Seen through the eyes of Rose's dead son. Sequel. Short story.

Everyday (T)
Written by JLuckyJ
Rose upholds her promise to Jack until the day they are reunited. One shot. Based on the song Everyday by Rascal Flatts. Sequel. Short story.

Everything Was Perfect (K+)
Written by Starlight 63
A poem about Officer Lowe.

Everything's Made to be Broken (T)
Written by JLuckyJ
Meet Jack Dawson. He's a two hundred year old vampire hunter. Meet Rose Dewitt Bukater she's a six hundred year old vampire. Can mortal enemies fall in love? Prequel. Updated 7/31/2011.

Everything's Not Lost (K+)
Written by Antoinette Rose
Meet Thomas Andrews' only child, who joins her father on the maiden voyage of Titanic, at his request. He hopes this trip will bring up his daughter's spirits, and a chance meeting may do just that. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.