Welcome to the Titanic Fan Fiction Contest. Feel free to enter as many stories as you want. You can enter your own stories, or someone else's. There will be one award per category per month, but you can enter your story as many times as it takes to win the award. The rules are:

1. The story must be posted on the Internet. If it is not, send it to me and I will post it, either on Anne's Story Page or Our Times: A Present Time Site.

2. The story does not have to be related to the James Cameron film Titanic, except for Present Time Stories. Stories related to the Titanic itself, using real life or independently created characters, will also be accepted.

3. Submissions will be accepted from the 1st to the 20th of the month. Submissions received after that will be entered in the next month's contest.

Awards will be sent out and posted on or around the first of the month.

Good luck!

The categories are: Best Prequel/Interstice (stories set before or on the Titanic), Best Sequel (stories about what happened after Titanic), and Best Present Time Story (stories using the characters from James Cameron's Titanic, but set from the 1960's onward). If a story falls into more than one category, you can enter it in both categories (example: a story that starts on the Titanic and continues after it would fit into both the Best Prequel/Interstice and Best Sequel categories).

February, 2013

Titanic Fan Fiction Contest

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