Back Into First Class (T)
Written by Doug Kuhlman
Interstice. Short story.

Back to the Past (T)
Written by Abby Normal
A Titanic/Back to the Future crossover. Two teens from the 1910's rescued by their descendents in the 90's and get stuck in the 60's in a crossover between a classic 80's trilogy and the century's biggest blockbuster. Present time. Complete.

Back With You (K+)
Written by Mollie
After Jack's death, Rose gave birth to his child in 1913, a girl she named Jessamyn, and gave her up for adoption. Years later, Jessamyn sets out to find her mother and learn of her missing father, who may not be gone just yet. Sequel. Complete.

Ballad (K)
Written by Julia
This is a song that I wrote, which is something that Rose hears after her traumatic trip. Poem.

Ballad for the Titanic (K)
Written by Sissi
A ballad written for the Titanic. Poem.

Barred From Church (T)
Written by Doug Kuhlman
Interstice. Short story.

Barriers of a First Love (T)
Written by Ivy
Present time. Complete.

Batman and Robin on Titanic (K+)
Written by Anne Blair
A Titanic/Batman and Robin crossover. A crossover spoof of my favorite movie—Titanic—with one of the worst movies of all time—the horrible Batman and Robin, which thoroughly destroyed Batman as a good movie character until the far superior Batman Begins came out in the summer of 2005. Interstice. Short story.

Be Careful What You Wish For (T)
Written by Jacob Black Luva
A Titanic/Harry Potter crossover. Hermione settles down for a relaxing night of watching her favorite movie in the whole world: Titanic. She nonchalantly wishes she were back in that time. Little does she know, there's a shooting star. She wakes up in a whole new world: Titanic. Interstice. Present time. Updated 7/13/2012.

Beautiful Disaster (K+)
Written by Broadway Sweetie 22
Poem about the Titanic.

Beautiful Lady (K)
Written by Debanjan Banerjee
A poem to Rose from Jack.

Because of Him (K)
Written by Megan

Before the Call (K+)
Written by Lillypad327
This story is what happens before Rose calls Brock in the beginning of the movie Titanic. Present time. Updated 7/13/2012.

Before Your Love (T)
Written by Arnold the Female Purple Pygmy Puff
Interstice. Short story.

The Beginning of the Deck Conversation (T)
Written by Doug Kuhlman
Interstice. Short story.

Behind the Captain (K+)
Written by Keekikins
This is the true story of the Titanic. You'll be shocked to hear that the whole tragedy could have been avoided very easily. Prequel. Interstice. Complete.

A Bench in Central Park (K+)
Written by Clare
A short story exploring the idea of Rose and Jack reuniting at an old age after both living happy, fulfilling lives. Sequel. Short story.

Beneath My Balcony (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Rose didn't go to Jack after the gym scene and is sure he's dead. But is he really? Sequel. Complete.

Beneath the Titanic (K)
Written by Ski Ninja
The Titanic is about to sink beneath the waves, taking the rest of its passengers with it. Jack and Rose leap from the stern, into the black water. Everyone knows what happens in that impossible situation, right? But what happened under the water? Interstice. Complete.

Bessie (K+)
Written by Emma Wilson
Sequel. Short story.

The Best Time of Day (K)
Written by A Vampire Bride
There was a certain time of day she learned things the best. Sequel. Short story.

Betrayal and Tragedy (T)
Written by Panthres
To understand the true meaning of betrayal you first need to see it with your own eyes, or in my case, be the victim of it. Read my story about my tragedy. Interstice. Short story.

Better Next Time in Paradise (K)
Written by Debanjan Banerjee
Poem from Cal to Jack.

Between Two Hearts (T)
Written by Steph
She was Thomas Andrews’ fiery niece. He was Titanic's fifth officer. The Ship of Dreams brought them together, but are they strong enough to survive the inevitable? Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

Beyond the 'Berg (K)
Written by Atanvarne
Reflection on the movie's portrayal of the experiences of everyone on board the sinking vessel. Poem.

Beyond the Ocean (T)
Written by Elphaba Eponine Rose
Danielle is no ordinary passenger on the famous Ship of Dreams: she, unlike anyone, can see the future as though it's up to her to prevent the inevitable from occurring. Who will survive the outcome? Interstice. Updated 7/13/2012.

Bitter Night (K)
Written by Jo

Bittersweet (K)
Written by Elly Rianna
What if Rose took Jack up on her dismantled mantle? Interstice. Sequel. Short story.

A Blessing in Disguise (T)
Written by Rikki Chadwick
Kelsey Halle and Jack Dawson have been friends forever, and Kelsey harbours a crush for Jack! But Jack likes someone else. Sometimes we have to let things go if we truly love them! Interstice. Updated 7/13/2012.

Blue Eyes (K+)
Written by Sally Wilson
Present time. Short story.

Breakfast (K+)
Written by Stylesxclash
Rose and Cal are "enjoying" breakfast, but things take a turn for the worse. Interstice. Short story.

Breakfast the 14th (T)
Written by Doug Kuhlman
Interstice. Short story.

Breaking Free (T)
Written by XO Mrs. Edward Cullen OX
After Jack dies, Rose finds herself once again trapped in the world of high society. But is it really too late? Sequel. Complete.

A Breath Apart (K)
Written by Infinitely Climbing
In the end, death is not what separates them. It's themselves. Sequel. Short story.

Brilliant Disguise (K+)
Written by Mollie
What if Calvert had been on the Titanic? What if he knew who Rose Dawson really was? And what if he came back into her life years later? Sequel. Short story.

Broken (T)
Written by Jacky Sparrow
Interstice. Short story.

Broken Hope, Shattered Dreams (T)
Written by Elphaba Eponine Rose
What if life wasn't so perfect for Rose after the Titanic disaster? It's 1929 New York. Jack lives. Yet, Rose is bound with a deathly secret. Sequel. Updated 7/13/2012.

Broken Promise (K+)
Written by Marissa Rose
Rose made a promise to Jack, to never let go. But promises were meant to be broken. Interstice. Short story.

Broken Promises (K+)
Written by Veiled in Darkness
In hindsight, the ability to feel and to acknowledge what has gone wrong can be lost in the need to forget. Sequel. Short story.

Butterfly (T)
Written by Rory
Based on the extended version of the Carpathia scene. Sequel. Short story.

By Any Other Name (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Set in 1932, twenty years after Titanic. Jack and Rose have faced their share of trials, but can they handle this? Sequel. Complete.