Absolutely Nothing on Earth (K+)
Written by Ashley Thorel
After surviving the sinking of the Titanic, Jack and Rose marry and raise a family in Chippewa Falls and Santa Monica. Sequel. Complete.

Across the Distance (T)
Written by Kari
On the one hundred second anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, a girl has visions of a young woman who apparently died on the ship. Present time. Short story.

Across the Stars (T)
Written by Anne Blair
A Titanic/Star Wars crossover. Despite being told it couldn’t be done, I decided to write a crossover of Star Wars and Titanic. And here it is—Jack, Rose, Ruth, and Cal in the Star Wars universe. This is not a spoof, and there is no sinking ship (or spaceship, in this case), but there is plenty of action and angst—and the occasional bit of humor. Updated 7/31/09.

Adjusting (T)
Written by Jennifer Lindlief
The sequel to Hope. Not long after Hope’s birth, John Calvert comes back into Rose’s life, but the path of love never does run smooth. Sequel. Complete.

Adventure (K)
Written by Sierra Desiree
Just a brief thought I had after watching the movie. Sequel. Short story.

After All (K+)
Written by Verity Thompson
After sharing just one kiss aboard Titanic, Jack and Rose are ripped apart by Cal but four years later they meet again and can't seem to stop how they feel for each other. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

After Disaster (T)
Written by DawsonGirl777
An alternate ending where Jack survives and he and Rose start their lives. Sequel. Updated 9/16/2012.

After Starting Anew (T)
Written by Shirley
The sequel to Starting Anew. After Starting Anew follows the lives of Jack and Rose through hard times and joy from the First World War until Jack’s death in the 1960’s. Jack and Rose are separated by war, enlarge their family, suffer tragedy and hope with their youngest daughter, relive the nightmare of Titanic, have ups and downs in their marriage and experience the hardships of the Depression. As time goes by, a daughter-in-law picks up the story when she discovers Rose’s journals and continues to write the family saga. A heartwarming tale full of courage, laughter, and tears of both sadness and joy. Sequel. Complete.

After the Party's Over (T)
Written by Doug Kuhlman
After the steerage party, Jack and Rose tour third class and then talk on deck. Interstice. Short story.

After the Ship Goes Down (K)
Written by Derry
Jack who? Short piece about the real hero of the Titanic—oh, and some of his mates from Horatio Hornblower. Interstice. Short story.

After Titanic (T)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Jack and Rose after Titanic. Sequel. Complete.

After Titanic (K)
Written by Rachel Walker
After Titanic, Rose has to cope with Jack's death and a number of terrible things that happen after, as well as raise Jack's fatherless child. But something magical is about to happen. Sequel. Complete.

The Aftermath (K+)
Written by Christine Writer
It is after the tragedy. Cal finds Rose, but will she manage to escape? And is Jack alive? Sequel. Complete.

Aftermath of a Disaster (K)
Written by Kaitlin Lawler
Jack is alive. Will he find Rose before Cal does? Sequel. Short story.

Afterthoughts (K)
Written by Naruto Fanatic
Rose's thoughts after the Titanic sank. Poem.

Against All Odds (K+)
Written by 24Chocoholic24
Rose has made it to America, but she can't bring herself to step on land without him. Just in time, Jack shows up—alive. Interstice. Short story.

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number (K+)
Written by Nicole D.
In spite of being very young, Jack and Rose fall in love. Present time. Short story.

All Apologies (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
A somewhat different take on Cal's suicide in 1929 and what happened next. Sequel. Short story.

All Fall Down (K+)
Written by Sarcastically Me
A one-shot dealing with an officer who lost his love. Takes place on the Carpathia. Sequel. Short story.

All I Ever Wanted (K)
Written by Alanna
Jack survived and so did Rose, but neither of them knows that the other is alive. What happens when, exactly a year after the sinking, they find each other? Song is All I Ever Wanted by Brian Melo. Sequel. Short story.

All I Need (T)
Written by Anne Becker
Catherine Hockley tries to escape from her world by staying up when everyone sleeps. She keeps the routine when she goes aboard the Titanic, but she finds out she is not the only one to stay up all night anymore. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

All in the Eyes of a Boy (T)
Written by Verity Thompson
My take on the flying/drawing scene. About how Rose feels when Jack looks at her. Interstice. Short story.

All On, Good-bye (K+)
Written by Ananke Powell
Eight years after the sinking of the Titanic, Cal watches Rose from the Santa Monica Pier. Sequel. Short story.

All That Jazz (T)
Written by JLuckyJ
The first time Jack and Rose met was the last. Thirteen years later they run into each other in a city of crime, booze, and jazz: Chicago in the Roaring Twenties. Will they fall in love? Sequel. Updated 1/7/2012.

All the Way (K+)
Written by Mollie
The sequel to Jack and Rose: Together Forever. The story of Jack, Rose, and their family and friends from 1920 to 1996. Sequel. Complete.

All's Well as Ends Well (K+)
Written by Christine Wilkes
My friend and I are transported to the Titanic to help. Interstice. Complete.

Almost Too Late (K+)
Written by Michelle
A story with a twist of fate. Jack is the one who is engaged, but when he meets Rose his world is turned upside down. Interstice. Complete.

Alone? (T)
Written by Arnold the Female Purple Pygmy Puff
Rose is pregnant with Jack's baby, but Jack is dead. Or is he? Sequel. Complete.

Alternate Beginning to After Disaster (M)
Written by DawsonGirl777
An alternate beginning to After Disaster. Sequel. Short story.

Alternate Ending (K+)
Written by Japaneset
What if someone had noticed Rose as she slipped out of her room? What if that someone suspected where the Heart of the Ocean really was? Present time. Short story.

Always and Forever (K+)
Written by Mandie Booher
Over the years, Jack, Rose, and their family and friends make it count. Sequel. Complete.

Always and Forever (K+)
Written by XxMachixX
Story of a second class couple on the Titanic, William and Cordelia Lobb. Based on actual people aboard. Interstice. Short story.

Always Find You (T)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Set in 1927. Cal's enemies have a surprise in store for him, but what does Rose have to do with it? And can Jack solve the mystery? Sequel. Updated 11/18/2011.

Amor Fati (T)
Written by Jess
Two lovers meet across the ages. Present time. Short story.

An Actress's Beginning (K+)
Written by Kelly Roberts and Viola
After Brock remembers that Daniel Marvin’s Biograph camera was salvaged after the wreck, Rose sees pictures of Jack for the first time in eighty-four years. Present time. Short story.

An Adventure to Remember and a Memory to Forget (T)
Written by Simply Laura
Victoria Metcalfe and her family take a trip on the Grandest Ship in the World to America. While traveling on the ship, Victoria meets a certain Welsh officer and her world is never the same after they meet. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

An Alternative Resolution (K)
Written by A Vampire Bride
Rose makes a different decision in the lifeboat. Interstice. Short story.

An Asshole (K+)
Written by Nameless for Now
Rose was wrong when she thought Cal didn't see her on Carpathia. He did. Interstice. Short story.

An Eternal Love (M)
Written by Jennifer-Rosie
A story of the hours following Jack and Rose’s reunion in heaven. Sequel. Complete.

An Invitation to Rose (K+)
Written by Alison
A letter from Jack to Rose, eighty-four years after the tragedy. Sequel. Short story.

An Ocean Full of Memories (T)
Written by Kate
Ever wondered what would happen if Rose and Jack could do it all again? Interstice. Complete.

An Ocean of Emotion (T)
Written by Simply Laura
The sequel to An Adventure to Remember and a Memory to Forget. Takes place about six months after the end of the story. Someone from the forgotten past comes back into Victoria, Harry, Rose, and Jack's lives. Sequel. Updated 7/13/2012.

An Ocean of Lost Dreams (K)
Written by Nicole
Rose writes a poem to Jack. Sequel. Short story.

An Ocean of Secrets (K+)
Written by Craig
Rose drops the diamond overboard, then goes to join Jack on the Titanic. Sequel. Short story.

An Old Friend of the Family (K+)
Written by Turtle1
Jack lives…will he and Rose be united? Sequel. Short story.

An Unexpected Turn (T)
Written by Becky
Gwendolyn Wilde is traveling on the Titanic with her father, Henry Wilde, who is the Chief Officer. The first night on ship, she finds out something very unexpected. Then she meets a man who will change her life forever. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

An Unforgettable Journey (T)
Written by Christina
Jack and Rose meet and fall in love on the Titanic, but are separated after the sinking and have to find their way back to each other. Prequel. Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

And No One Even Looks Up (K)
Written by Sammi D.
What was going through Rose's head as she was being lowered in the lifeboat? Interstice. Short story.

And When I Think Of... (K)
Written by Christa P.
Rose thinks of Jack. Poem.

Anne (K+)
Written by Angela Cribben, Carrie Riches, and M.R. Donofrio
Sequel. Short story.

Another Beginning (K)
Written by Anne Blair
Jack is dead, but Rose, Fabrizio, and Tommy survived the Titanic and begin their new lives together. Sequel. Short story.

Another Chance (K+)
Written by Jill Ayers
Sequel. Complete.

Another Day in Paradise (K)
Written by Captain Rogue River
Paradise in the Dawson household. Sequel. Short story.

Another Promise Kept (K+)
Written by Maru
Jack is sent to prison on the Titanic, and Rose does nothing to free him. But he ran into Molly, who promised him she would take care of Rose. Will she keep her promise? Interstice. Sequel. Complete.

Anything and Everything (T)
Written by Sara Rachelle
This is a modern story about Jack and Rose in Redmingdale, California. Present time. Complete.

April 15, 1912 (K)
Written by Rose and Angie
A poem about the Titanic.

April in Rome (M)
Written by Janice Milstead
The first installment of the April Saga. Jack and Rose during the present day. Present time. Complete.

The Arrangement (K)
Written by Rachel Dalloway
Cal said his arrangement included Jack. Rose makes sure it does. Interstice. Short story.

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis (K+)
Written by 40 Socks
Rose thinks of an interesting way to spend the money she finds in Cal's coat, but she soon falls into the middle of a mystery that may lead to a way to remember Jack. Sequel. Complete.

The Artist (K)
Written by Joshua Campbell

The Artist (K+)
Written by Maru
After the sinking, Rose moves to Santa Monica, thinking that Jack's dead. But what happens when she is told about an intriguing artist? Why is he so similar to someone she used to know? Sequel. Short story.

As If (T)
Written by Ilma
The story is set in the late 1920s. Rose is unhappily married to Cal. Both she and Jack are lonely. But fate has more plans for them. Sequel. Updated 9/2/2012.

As Rose Tells It (M+)
Written by JLuckyJ
An erotic scene from Rose's point of view. Sequel. Short story.

The Assistant to the First Officer (T)
Written by FordTruckGirl4TA
When Ellen Wallace is commissioned as a junior officer, the other officers eventually accept her. The last to put aside his working woman prejudice is Murdoch, but only because he's hiding from himself and the others that he's falling fast for her. Interstice. Updated 7/13/2012.

Asylum (T)
Written by Frieda van den Huetten
AU in which Jack only exists in Rose's head and Cal has to face some unpleasant truths about his marriage. Sequel. Updated 7/13/2012.

At Least I'm With You (T)
Written by Jeanita Sheffey
Jack and Rose’s thoughts during the scene when Rose refuses to get in the lifeboat without Jack. Interstice. Short story.

At the Bottom of the Ocean (K+)
Written by Bronte Wright

At the Pier (K+)
Written by Snaily
Santa Monica Pier holds great power for two very unsuspecting people. Sequel. Short story.

Away All Boats! (T)
Written by Eagle2
Robert Drake is a young officer aboard the Titanic as the greatest maritime disaster in history unfolds through his eyes. Interstice. Complete.

Written by JLuckyJ
When Jack's away, Cal will play. How will Jack save Rose from Cal while he's away at war? Sequel. Updated 1/7/2012.