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Welcome, Pilgrim, to the Universal Church of MARSHMALLOW

Welcome to the official internet home of the Universal Church of MARSHMALLOW. The Church started in 1999, when the founder, and all around good guy(knowsing as "god", of the Universal Church of MARSHMALLOW(UCOM) won his school election for the position of god. Only about 4 people that we know of voted, but it was enough to win the election. From there, Matt began appointing his friends to various positions, ranging from Vice-god, to Commander of the Platypus legions. In time, information on these people will be added, as will other things, so be sure to drop by once a week or so to check for updates! Oh yeah, all who enter are required to sign the guestbook.


02/05/02- OKAY! Updates, soon. And a new Jihad was just added! BRUHAHA And, if anyone care, Matt has watched LOTR 4 times. Try to beat him. He dares you.

01/04/02- Well it has almost been a year since we have updated this site. Even though the website has remained silent we have been a busy bunch of people. We have new members joining, their info will be up soon. In the coming weeks we will also a few new things coming. The bishop Rob's website is not longing UCOM related and this is once again the main site. We remind you to go see Lord Of The Rings... again if you have already seen it.

01/11/01- We have been working hard here at UCOM. With alot of new infomation coming we have decided to annouce the new Pope...and the winner, after a long hard fight it is...SPIKE! After a tied electon the God and Vice-god decided the only way to settle it was a series of wrestling matches. Spike won the series in the final match. The results will be posted in the future. For now hail your new Pope, Spike. Don't forget to eat your hot dog on friday with no bun.

01/01/01- The last millenium may have belonged to the Christians, but this one shall belong to us! Soon, this site shall be updated with new things. Be prepared.

09/17/00- It would seem Generals Claire and Jenny have snubbed us. But fear not, for plans are now being conceived for a revolution of out very own. One day, in the near future, we of UCOM shall rule the world, or at least a large part of it, with an iron fist! Also, this coming weekend an event of unprecedented... stuff will be occuring. Such an important event is this, that it shall draw together God, the vice-God, and the Keeper together in one area for an entire weekend. What is this event? What makes it so very important? Details to follow.

07/16/00- Today marks a historic day in the history of UCOM. Your benevolent, and vengeful "god", has found the web page of a most honourable and worthy group of people. A group interested in world domination for the homeland of your god, and most of the "higher ups" of UCOM. Canada. We have opened communications with their beautiful, charming, intelligent, and enchanting leaders, Generals Jenny and Claire. We hope to open negotiations soon.

07/12/00- Today, as most of you probably don't know, is your god, Matt's, birthday. Thus, we declare today a holiday, which shall be known from this day forth as "Mattmass".On this day, all shall come together with their friends and family, to exchange gifts of little green army men, super-bouncy-fun-balls, kazoos, and other such fun toys. Then, all shall participate in wrestling matches, in honour of Matt's favourite sport. And finally, in the evening, all shall travel to local buffets, to feast until you can feast no more.

03/06/00- A lot to catch up on. Bishop Rob has set up an alternate webpage at This is mildy better then this page. Also, vice-God Andy has been fired, for he was not doing his job. So he was fired. Pope Tom advanced a postion, to vice-God, and an election is now on for the position of Pope. Running are Spike the vice-Pope and Liz, commander of the platypus legions. You can vote at Rob's page.

12/14/99- Many people have been asking us "Hey, with Christmas coming up, are we loyal followers permited to celebrate it?" To this we say: YES! Our God, Matt, has decreed as long as something involves getting a) Free food b)Presents c)Candy d)Out of school d)Money e)Any or all of the above, go for it! As long as it is long as it legal, or you won't come to regret it, that is. Don't worry about that last part if it is really good food, good presents, good candy or lots of money.

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