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(Annie Roboff , Annie Roman)

He was the kind of guy who loved so unselfishly
And everyone could see what a prize he was
Everyone but me
I must be blind
I must be the kind who don't know what they have
'Til they're all alone and sad

CHORUS : There goes my baby
Like the sun fallin' out of the clear blue sky
There goes my baby
And it's gonna be a cold hard night
Now that I finally see
How I need him to be
Right here by my side
There goes my baby
Bye bye baby goodbye

How could I have a love so fine
And not know what it's worth
Maybe this empty heart he left behind
Is all that I deserve
What kind of fool
Finds a perfect jewel and can't see how it shines
'Til she's all alone and cryin'


How I wish I could hold him in my arms and say
This time I'm gonna treat him right
But it's too late


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