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(Bobbie Cryner)

I don't buy the lines in magazines
That tell me what I've gotta be
I don't base my life on a movie screen
I don't fit the mold society has planned

I don't need to be nineteen years old
Or starve myself for some weight I'm told
Will turn men's heads , been down that road
And I thank God I finally know just who I am

I ain't a movie star
May never see the view from where they are
And this old town may be as far as I'm goin'
But what he holds tonight in his hands
He swears is so much better than
Anything that this ol' world can show him

CHORUS : I'm a real live woman
In love with this man I see lying
Here next to me
Lost in the way that he's holdin'
This real live woman
In the arms of a man where I'll
Fall asleep knowing
There's nothing on earth he loves
More than this real live woman

I work nine to five and I can't relate
To millionaires who somehow fate
Has smiled upon and fortune made their
Common lives a better place to be
And I no longer justify
Reasons for the way that I behave
I offer no apologies
For the things that I believe and say
And I like it that way


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