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(Al Anderson , Sharon Vaughn)

I've never seen two people in my life
More determined to ignore the obvious
We better stop thinking
Let our hearts start doing the talking

You'd have to be stone deaf dumb and blind
Not to see what's going on with us
So let's jump in
And get over our fear of fallin'
'Cause what we got here

CHORUS : Is a powerful thing
It's a powerful thing
More than three words
And a diamond ring
It can open up the Heavens
Make the angels sing
Our love baby is a powerful thing

We started out strangers on a two way street
Neither one of us lookin' to fall in love
But we don't need us a map
To know we're headed in that direction

Well it's out of our hands
And over our heads
It's something that's bigger than both of us
Turnin' back now's completely out of the question
'Cause what we've got here


Stronger than the force of a driving wind
Hotter than a forest fire
There never has been and there never will be
Nothing like the power of you and me , yeah


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