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Trisha's Non-Album Tracks

The following is a list of Trisha's songs which are not on any of her albums.

Trisha sings "Follow the wind" on the soundtrack to the new movie "LIFE".

Trisha sings "Til I get it right" on the tribute to Tammy Wynette

Trisha sings "The honour of your name" on a collaboration of country singing the songs of the Broadway musical "The Civil War"

Trisha sings live with the legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti on "Adeste fiedles" and sings her own hit "How do I live"

Trisha sings "To make you feel my love" on the soundtrack to the "Hope floats" movie.

Trisha sings "I have a love" on a collaboration of artists from all genres of music singing the songs from "West side story".

Trisha sings "Coming back to you" on a tribute album to Leonard Cohen.

Trisha sings her Grammy winning duet with Aaron Neville of the country classic "I fall to pieces".

Trisha sings "New kid in town" on a tribute album to the Eagles.

Trisha sings "I can't understand" on the soundtrack to the movie "The thing called love".

Trisha sings "(You're the) Devil in disguise" on the soundtrack to the movie "Honeymoon in Vegas"

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