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(Gary Harrison , Tim Mensy)

You fight for every breath
Caught without a ship in this sea of neglect
The one you swore to love is pulling you down
You're in over your head
Chilled to the bone by the waters you tread
Chart a course to land , before you drown

CHORUS : Swim to the nearest distant shore
There's only so much a heart can endure
You gave it your best , forgive yourself
You can't hold on anymore
It's not as far as it might seem
Now it's time to let go of old dreams
Every heart for itself
Swim to the nearest distant shore

He said for you he'd change
Then he'd let you down and watch you take the blame
You're trapped between his lies and the great unknown
You vowed you would not fail
But this ain't success it's a living hell
There's nothin' left to lose , you're already alone


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