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(Beth Nielsen Chapman)

Sometimes you wonder how much I care
I get so distracted running nowhere
And I take for granted our love is secure
But if startedd losing you , one thing is sure

CHORUS : I'd be down on my knees
Ready to pray , darlin'
Down on my knees
Making you stay
I'd be begging you please
Don't take your love from me
I'd be down on my knees

I learned to be strong a long time ago
And I can face any wind no matter how hard it blows
But I'd have to be stronger than I want to be
If I had to live without you loving me


No one matters more in my life
Or makes me feel like you make me feel inside
And I've come far enough to know
Love's worth never letting go of
And love is not a matter of pride


I'd be down on my knees

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