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Saiyan Saga

5 years have passed from the last Tenkaichi Budokai and Goku has settled with Chi-Chi with a Son named Gohan like his Grandfather. While Goku and Gohan are heading Towards the Kame-house a strange UFO lands on a farm creating a small creater. A farmer heads towards the UFO to check it out, he sees a tall muscly man with long black hair coming out of it searching for a guy named Kackarot and kills the farmer. With a machine he has on his eye tracks a large battle power and heads flying towards it. He meets Piccolo, who is training in a desert, and the alien is sure that he is not Kackarot. Piccolo attacks but is stunned by the alien's power and petrified by the fact that his attack didn't do anything. As the alien attacks, his machine detects another, stronger power which is moving quckly. He leaves saying that this cannot be other than Kackarot. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan had arrived on the Kame-house where all the old friends are supposed to meet. Goku intoduces Gohan as his son, which is a great surprise to all of them. Gohan is strong, but Chi-chi doesn't allow Goku to train him, and like Goku he also has a tail. All the guys get really scared when they see it and start asking Goku if Gohan transforms into a strange thing at midnight. Goku doesn't understand a thing and says that they sleep early and hardly ever see the moon. They are having a great time when suddently Goku senses an enornous Ki heading towards them. After a few seconds the large man appears. He inroduces himself as Radditz saying that he is a Saiyan from planet Vegeta and that Goku is his brother who had been sent to earth to destroy the human race. Of course they don't believe him and Kuririn tries to convince him to run away but with a blow he is sent several meters away. The alien has struck Krillin with is tail and convinces everyone that his story is true. Radditz tries to convince Goku to follow him and the rest 2 living Saiyans to conquer a planet whose inhabitants are very strong. Goku refuses something which infuriates Radditz and he takes Gohan with him. Goku has to bring the corpses of 100 persons as ransom to get back Gohan. Radditz knocks Goku with one blow and leaves.After a few minutes Piccolo arrives and wants Goku to join him to defeat Radditz since he is the one to terrorize this planet and cannot allow others to take his place. Goku and Piccolo use the Dragon radar to trace the Dragonball Gohan had on his hat. They arrive at the field where Raditz had landed, Gohan is traped inside Raditz's spaceship crying and the battle is about to begin. Goku and Piccolo put out their their heavy clothes, their power increases and they start fighting. Raditz is too strong to compete and simply plays with them. Piccolo decides to use his Makankosappo blast which will definetly kill Radditz but Goku has to occupie Raditz first because it takes time to power up. Goku keeps Raditz busy with his Kame-hame-ha and Piccolo attacks, Radditz moves a bit and just gets his shoulder brouzed. As Raditz is ready to crash Piccolo, Goku catches Radditz's tail making him fall on the ground. That leaves time for Piccolo to gather energy. Radditz convinces Goku to let him go but Goku just did a terrible error, Goku gets knocked on the ground and Raddits hits him really hard. Gohan hears his father's screams, crashes the spaceship on his way out and he head-butts Radditz but his fathher orders him to go away. Radditz had suffered a terrible blow. Goku grabs Radditz from behind and Piccolo charges up again, this time Piccolo cannot miss but Goku will die to since he holds Radditz. Piccolo yells that Goku will be revived with the Dragonballs and Radditz send this piece of information with his scouter to the other Saiyans. Goku asks Radditz when the Saiyans will arrive and he replies: "in one year". Goku dies while the rest of the gang arrives on the scene. Goku's body is teleported by Kami-sama and Goku will have to train in the underworld with Kaio-sama. The rest of the fighters must prepare, too. Raddditz has been defeated but the Saiyans will arrive in exactly one year. Goku has died and Piccolo takes Gohan to train him, while the rest of the gang (except for Yamcha Tenshin and Chaos) gathers in the Kame-house. They decide to collect the remaining balls, resurrect Goku and train fir the battle against the Saiyans. Goku is in the underworld with Kami- sama and ask from Enmadeou-sama permission for Goku to go to Kaio-sama, a minion appears and takes Goku there. The guy says that Goku has to travel 1.000.000 km before he reaches Kaio's-planet, if he falls down he will end up in hell. Goku tells him to tell Uranai-baba that he should be resurrected, one day before the Saiyans arrive, Goku begins his journey Piccolo leaves Gohan on a deserted place. Gohan has to survive all-alone for six months, before the training starts. Piccolo test Gohan's power and finds out that Gohan can use his enormous srength, only in extreme situations but has to learn to control it. Piccolo leaves and Gohan is left alone. Yadjirobe enters the Kame-house, and announces that they must not resurrect Goku now but have to wait, since he will train where he is. ?ll the fighters must go to the Karin-tower where Kami-sama wants to train them. Chi-chi arrives on the Kame-island to complain about Goku being late. The gang is sad to say to Chi-Chi that Goku is dead and that Gohan trains with Piccolo, Chi-chi faints. Meanwhile...... Gohan is sleeping on a boulder about a 100 feet from the ground (Gohan jumped up there to escape from a dinosaur) Gohan wakes up to take a pee, but changes into a gigantic -monkey on the sight of the full moon. Piccolo, who was close, blows the moon and cuts Gohan's tale, he has found out where the Saiyans take power from. He gives Gohan a new outfit and a sword and leaves. Goku on his way to Kaio-sama he finds a guy who is cleaning the road with a vehicle. The guy agrees to take Goku as far as half way. Goku jumps on the top of the vehicle and fells asleep but due to bad driving, goku fells from the road and ends up in hell. He defeats some guys, finds some food (like senzu which makes him stronger too) and manages to come out of Enmedaioy-sama's desk so he has to start again. This time he is much stronger and reaches halfway quickly. He meets the serpents’ queen who feeds him and offers him a bath but wants to eat him at the end. Goku doesn't hit her because she offered him a great meal so he just leaves the queen "tangled". After 6 months Goku eventually reaches Kaio's planet and is surprised by the gravity. He firstly meets Bubbles (Kaio's pet) and then kaio-sama. He tells Kaio-sama the story and he agrees to train him. His first is to grab Bubbles, he succeeds after 40 days, now he must catch Gregory who is much faster which he also succeeds after many days. At the last part of his training, he has to learn Kaio-sama's art and manages even better than him. However he must not use these techniques excessively because his body will be shattered, Goku agrees to use them wisely. The first 6 months Gohan tried to escape. During one of his tries he helped some kids, who where kept in an asylum, get rid of the bad keeper and become free again. He even reached several meters away from home but thinking of the battle turns around and starts realizing who things are. He manages to survive and started fighting training with Piccolo. The rest of the gang trained at Kami's palace for he first months and then left to train alone. One day before the arrival of the Saiyans, everyone is waiting for the Saiyans. The guys put on there fighting uniforms, Goku is resurrected and leaves Kaio but Goku hadn't predicted that it would take him around 2 days to arrive, so there might not even be anyone left on earth if he doesn't arrive quickly. Goku starts his journey on the serpent's road this time from the opposite direction. Meanwhile the Saiyans in there spaceships land on the eastern section. They cause chaos and start looking for Kackarot, they trace 2 battle powers (Gohan and Piccolo) and head towards their way. Krillin finds them first and they wait together. The Saiyans arrive to avenge for Radditz and collect the dragonballs, Nappa says that Piccolo looks like a person from planet Namek and Kami-sama from his palace says stuff about Namek and the balls that are there. Nappa reads the power levels and thinks that are ants for him. Vegita disagrees since Radditz thought the same thing and died that's why the must not depend on scouters. Vejita tells Nappa to create 6 cybermen (read character profiles) to fight the guys, which he does. Yamcha Tien and Chaos arrive after a few minutes. The guys have to face the men one on one. Tien easily wins the first one. Yamcha died because he under estimated cybermen's power. Krillin infuriated with his friend's death kills the other small men with one blow except for one, which was killed by Piccolo. The Saiyans didn't feel a thing and now it is Nappa's turn to attack. Nappa has Vejita's permission to do whatever he wants, so he starts powering up. Piccolo yells attack and they all start together, but even all the 5 of them cannot do anything and even Tien loses his arm. For some strange reason Chaos is nowhere to be seen. Crying he says "goodbye Tien. don't die" and self-explodes on Nappa's back. Nappa however is unhurt. The guys attack again but Gohan can't move from fear, the timing is lost and everyone stops. Tien uses his Kikoho with his remaining hand and dies instantly but Nappa is not even hurt. Everyone hopes for Goku to arrive quickly. Vegeta orders Nappa to stop because he wants to wait for Goku. Such an easy battle is not of his likes. Nappa decides to play a bit and destroyed the airforce and navy that was approaching the battlefield. 3 hours have passed and Goku hasn't arrived. Nappa starts to fight again. The guys plan to catch his tail. Piccolo does so but Nappa says that he has trained and his tail is not weak so he elbows piccolo and leaves him almost unconscious. Krillin does the kinzan but Nappa avoids it saving his life. Meanwhile, Goku has reached the gate where Kami teleports him back to earth. Goku takes 2 senzus from Karin, eats one and rides Nimbus. Vegeta tracks Goku and he has a power level of 5000. Vegeta orders Nappa to hurry up so that they could leave before he arrives (Nappa looks scared). Nappa use a blast to kill Gohan but Piccolo gets in front of him as a shield and he saves Gohan but he has sacrificed his life. Piccolo tells Gohan how much he had changed him and tells him to avoid the full moon he then dies. Nappa tries to kill Gohan too but Goku saves him. Goku has arrived. Goku starts fighting Nappa. Goku is superior and easily defeats him. Vegeta orders Nappa to stop. Nappa then, tries to attack Gohan and Krillin. Goku is suddenly surrounded by a red ki and he knocks Nappa out with one blow, his power increased dramatically. Goku then explains that he uses the Kaio-ken attack; By using it he can drag power from his surrounding, however, he must be careful not to increase his power very much because he will probably destroy his body. The guys are impressed. Goku gives them half a senzu each and they are ordered to go to the Kame-house, so they do .Before the guys left, Vegeta killed Nappa because he wasn't useful anymore. Goku takes Vegeta somewhere else where there won't be anything alive. They start to fight. Goku uses KK2 but he is still weaker, so he prepares for KK3 that will probably destroy his body. Goku manages to hit Vegeta really hard something that infuriates him. Vegeta wants to destroy the planet along with Goku, so he uses the Gyariko-hou blast. Goku counters it with a KK3 Kame-Hame-Ha but has to raise it to KK4. Vegeta is blown far away. Yadjirobe who was watching from behind a rock congratulates Goku. Goku is in real pain but has to wait for Vegeta,. The battle is not over yet so Yajirobe leaves. Vegeta searches for the moon but he cannot find it so he creates something like an artificial one and he turns to Oozarou attacking Goku. Goku has to charge up to KK5 but has to gather ki for about 10 seconds, which will leave him open. He uses the Taio-ken and blinds Vegeta Goku now gathers energy for the Genki-dama. Goku gathers energy from all the leaving things on earth he recovers from his wounds but as he is about to attack Vegeta throws a blast at him and he is hurt badly. The others feeling the large energy return to help Goku. Vegeta brakes Goku's legs but Goku with his remaining powers left Vegeta with one eye. The others arrive, and as Vegeta was about to kill Goku, they distract him and cut his tail off with the help of Yadjirobe. Vegeta promises to kill everyone. Gohan shows some resistance but he is still weak. Goku explains some stuff to Krillin about the Genki-dama and he passes it to him. Kriilin is impressed and tries to locate the evil part of Vegita without using his eyes he succeeds, but Yadjirobe tells him to hurry up and he loses the concentration. Vegeta leaps out of the way and the blast is about to kill Gohan but Goku tells him that he can use it too. Gohan extends his arms and sends the ball towards Vegeta, after a few seconds, Vegeta's body falls on the ground. The alien is not dead yet. Vegeta wakes up tries to kill everyone but he only pushes them away with a blast. He now heads towards Krillin, he starts punching him but he didn't notice that Yajirobe was behind him and so he hits him with his katana sword. Vegeta is not dead and starts hitting Yadjirobe but suddenly feels Gohan. Gohan's tail had grown back. Goku tells Gohan to look at he moon. Vegeta is desperate. Gohan turns into a gigantic monkey and starts crashing the place. Gohan can actually listen to his father. Gohan tries to kill Vegeta. Vegeta with his last bit of power does the Kienzan and cuts Gohan's tail. Vegeta is floating but cannot move his body. Gohan who was jumping falls on Vegeta and crashes him underneth his great volume. Gohan becomes a child again. Vegeta however, calls his spaceship and as he is about to leave, Krillin tries to kill him with Yajirobe's sword. Goku tells him to let him go. Vegeta leaves and head towards planet Freeza 79 where he will be healed. Bulma, Chi-Chi, Kamessenin and Karin arrive and take everyone to the hospital. While they where flying Krillin mentioned Planet Namek where some other Dragonballs are situated. Goku asks Kaio-sama for the coordinates of Namek, but it is too far to go with any known spaceship, so Krillin shows them the remote controller of Nappa's spaceship whcich can carry only one person. The gang is happy and especially Bulma. Their next target is planet Namek