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Character Profiles

Name:Son Goku
Family:Bardock(father),Chi Chi(wife),Gohan(first son),Goten(second son),Pan(grand daughter),Videl(daughter in law)

The main character and hero through out the dragonball series.Goku was born on the planet Vegeta.He was sent to Earth as a child to destroy the entire population of it.He was found by an old man named Gohan.Goku was a ruthless child due to his heritage as a saiyan.He soon had an accident where he severely hit his head and lost his memory.After the accident Goku became a calm good natured child that grew up too become the universe protector.As an adult he is married to Chi Chi and has 2 children(Gohan & Goten).Goku soon becomes the greatest warrior of the universe.


Gohan is Goku's first child.Gohan was born on earth as half saiyan half human(saiya-jin).Born with a strength even unimaginable for a saiya-jin.He had no idea of what powers he truly possesed as a child.Piccolo took it upon himself to train Gohan a bring out this unimagined power.He taught him how to control and harness his powers in a year before the saiyans Vegeta & Nappa arrived on earth for the dragonballs.Later in Dragonball GT Gohan gets married to Videl and has a daughter names Pan.


Vegeta makes his frst appearance in Dragonball Z.He comes to earth after Goku & Piccolo defeat Radditz to gather the earth's dragonballs.Vegeta's goals were set on making a wish for immortality.But Goku wasn't about to let him get the wish.Afetr Goku returns from Kaioh Sama's plantoid he has a long a tough fight with Vegeta.It looked like all was lost for the Earths Special forces with Piccolo,Tien,Chaou-Tzu,& Yamcha dead at the time.But Gohan's tail grows back and he sees the artificial moon and transforms.Vegeta is finally beaten when Gohan falls on him as Oozaru(giant ape)form.Vegeta later becomes one of the good guys.He is constantly trying to prove that he is better than Goku but always fails.He is later married to Bulma and has 2 children(Bra & Trunks).


Trunks first appears in DBZ.He comes from the future to give Goku some medicine.In the present though he is born from Vegeta & Bulma.Trunks soon becomes a very powerful saiya-jin.He is best friends with Goku's second son Goten.When the two fuse they become Gotenks.Trunks is really a mysterious saiya-jin that does things when you least expect them.He is a very ill tempered saiya-jin that was blessed with his mothers height(meaning hes not short like Vegeta).He has purple hair and is tall.He sounds nothing like his family.