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We want you to join MajinEx

ok here is where you join my Elite DBZ MajinEx guild.i need you to fill out the form below to join and i will not except typing speed under 125 though so don't waste my time if your slower than that.This guild has no power levels.No newbie or moders.i cannot stand a newbie or don't waste my time as well as yours.There are no rankings exept for an elite inside elite force for the guilds protection.This will soon be a tough guild.As long as it lasts through the hardships of a beginning guild.i know how it is with a new guild.i've made mistakes this time round theres no room for mistakes.i am experienced with running guilds. i ran many a guild.So if you wanna join E-mail me at SirMajinBuu

SirMajinBuu: 130-140 wpm

EvilMajinBuuZ: 130-140 wpm