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Frieza Saga

Eneryone is in the hospital. Goku is put into bandages and looks like a mummy, the doctors speculate that it will take him about 4 months to recover and that he may not be be completely healthy (he doesn't care because the senzu beans will be ready in one month). Gohan and Krillin will be well in 3 days. Suddently Bulma arrives and she wants them to check the TV, some scientists have found the spaceship, Bulma uses the remote control to call the ship but she blows it up instead. Everyone is very worried because they have lost there ship. Mr.popo appears after a few minutes and declares that he has found one. He goes wtih Bulma at the place where Kami growed and they found a spaceship which is conrolled by voice but the commands must be said in Namekian, Popo knows the language and they are both impressed by the speed. Bulma returns to the hospital and says that the spaceship will be ready in 5 days and it will take them 1 month to arive. After 10 days they all gather at the Kame-house but only Bulma, Gohan and Krillin are willing to part. They will arrive at Namek after 1 month. Meanwhile, Vegeta has reached planet Frieza #79 and is immidiatly put in to a healing chamber. Vegeta recovers in 2 days and wants to meet Frieza (something like his boss), they tell him that she has left for Namek and that the only one that he can speak to is Kewei, the covernor of the planet. Vegeta leaves immidieatly because he wants the Dragonballs for himself. While Bulma and the gang were travelling to Namek they had to face 2 difficult situations. Firstly a group of kids whose parents were killed by Frieza's minions and were trying to avoid dangers. Our friends helped them with a problen they had with the spaceship and they then let them go. The second time they arrived on the wrong planet and 2 strange beings almost tricked them and took the spacehip using a visual reality world, Bulma found all about their plans and the other 2 kicked their ass. They eventually arrive with 4 days of delay. The guys get out of the spaceship and are happy to notice that the dragon radar is working, but all there good mood is lost when 2 Saiyan's spaceship arrive somehere on planet Namek. The one is Vegeta and the other is Kewie. Frieza has gathered 3 Dragonballs and as is he was about to take the forth one, a message appears on the scouter, it is Kewie informing about Vegeta's intensions. Kewie wants to chalenge Vegeta. They start fighting and Vegeta easily kills him and enjoys watching the fireworks (his blast). As Vegeta was fighting, the 2 earhtlins fought 2 of Freeza's warriors who also destoyed the spaceship, they weren't a great chalenge but the guys were afraid about the other warriors noticng the increase of power, so they went and hide in a cave. When entering the cave they sensed many great powers aproaching and then passing without noticing yhrm. It was Frieza and his helpers, Zarbon and Dodoria. The guys are petrified by the strangers' strength but decide to follow them and see what is going on since they are heading towards a Namek village whose presence the guys had sensed previously. They part and leave Bulma alone to contact earth and tell them the news. Goku is in the hospital and the doctors and nurses are doing their best to stop him from training. Kame-sennin arrives and tells Goku the news. After a few minutes Yagirobee arrives and gives Goku 7 senzus, he takes one and heads towards the Capsule crop's headquarters where Dr' Briefs (Bulma's father) has prepared a spaceship that will take him to Name in 6 days and has aslo a gravity chamber for training. Goku leaves without even saying goodbye to anyone. Frieza and his helper's have reached the Namek village where another Dragonballs is situated (he knows that the elder of every Namek village protects a Dragonball with his life) and tries to convince the elder to give him the Dragonball. The people of the village refuse and a Namek gets killed and then another who tried to revenge the death. The Nameks say that they will even sacrifice their life to protect the balls, Frieza says that he doesn't care. Dodoria spots a group of Namek warriors aproaching. The guys don't like what they are seeing. Vegeta heard the conversations by his scouter too and wants to find a dragonball and hide it in a place where nobody else could find it. The warrior arrive and the Nameks do very well agaist the weak red-shirted guys and Frieza's helpres are surpised because they thought that their power was 1000 but in reality they were lowering their power levels. The elder understands that the aliens can only trace power levels using scouters, so he trashes all of them. Frieza orders Dodoria to kill all the warriors and leave the elder alive, Frieza threatens that if the elder doesn't show him the ball the 2 kids next to him will die. The elder passes the ball. Frieza orders Dodria to kill everyone in the village, but when the elder hears that he tries to create a diversion for the kids to escape. Dodoria kills the elder and Frieza the kid named cargo , the second kid is named Dende and Gohan saved him from sure death when he yelled stop and hit Dodoria in the face. Krillin hits Dodoria again and takes the kid with him and orders Gohan to follow him. Frieza orders Dodoria to follow them. Dodoria is getting close to them so Krillin does the Solar Flare and blinds Dodoria for a few seconds, long enough for them to hide. Dodoria is infuriated and blows the whole area up. Dodoria reports using the scouter, that the kids are dead but he wasn't able to find the bodies. As he was flying back he meets Vegeta and they start fighting, before Vegeta killed him, Dodoria revealed to Vegeta that Frieza was the one to destroy planet Vegeta and not a meteor like Vegeta thought. Vegeta is shocked but kills Dodoria. He is impressed by his own power. Vegeta heads towards a Namek village he had sensed. The elder refuses to give him the Dragonball, so he kills them all and finds it by himself. He then hides the ball in a lake where Frieza cannot find it without the scouter. Gohan Krillin and Dende arrive in the cave where Bulma had already set a capsule house. Dende tells them about the Nameks and about the great Namek elder (something like Kami) but unfortunanetly it will take them about 30 days of walking to reach. Kriilin decides to go flying with Dende at that place. They must hold for another 5 1/2 days before Goku arrives. Krillin gets impatient and starts going faster, but this allows Vegeta to locate him, who was searching for the last village. Luckily a greater power aproaches that cathces Vegeta' attention it is none other than Zarbon Frieza's second helper. They fight and Vegeta seems to be stronger, but Zarbon changes from a beatiful young lady to a monster uglier than Dodoria and overpowers Vegeta who is left unconscious on the ground after the battle. Zarbon returns to Frieza's spacecraft and reports Vegeta's death (that is what he thought). Frieza congratulates him. A minion appears and tells them that Vegeta had found the #4 Dragonball but now he hasn't got on him. Frieza tells Zarbon that he should find Vegeta before he dies or she will be the next one. Frieza also orders to a minion to call the Ginew force. Frieza is afraid that a Super-Saiyan might appear. Zarbon finds Vegeta and brings him back to the Spaceship, Vegeta will survive. While those 2 were fighting , Krillin took the opportunity and accelerated. He arrives quickly to Guru's palace and he and Dende are welcomed by nail. They meet Guru and he thanks Krillin for saving Dende. He gives Krillin a power up and gives him the ball after sensing that he is a good person. Krillin heads back to the cave to bring Gohan for a power up too. Gohan had set off in search for the last ball Meanwhile Vegeta had been healled and managed to steal the balls from Frieza, Freieza gets mad and orders Zarbon to bring the balls back in one hour. Zarbon follows Vegeta who had sensed Krillin who was headind towards the cave (funny isn't it). They all meet outside the cave. Vegeta kills Zarbon (he got stronger after healing) amd convinces Krillin to give him the ball and he won't kill them. Gohan had found the ball that Vegeta had hidden inside the lake and began his journey back when suddently Vegeta found him, Gohan hid the dragonball and talked to him. Vegeta left and let Gohan leave since he is one of the three remaining Saiyans. Gohan took the ball and went back to the house. Vegeta of course cursed when he didn't find the ball and found out that Gohan had tricked him. So he decides to set out and kill them for it. Krillin and Gohan abandon the cave and leave Bulma alone. Vegeta senses them an follows them, Krillin agrees to stall Vegeta so that Gohan can get the power up. Vegeta discovers their plan and doesn't even hit Krillin. Gohan managed to get the power up in time. Nail Krillin and Gohan are ready to fight Vegeta when suddently 5 spaceship's land on Namek. Vegeta recognizes the logo, it is the Ginew force team. Vegeta tells them that the only way to defeat them, is to wish for immortatlity, the guys agree and head to take the last ball from Bulma. Unforunanetly the Ginew force find them first. While all these where happening on planet Namek; Goku had been training under great gravity, beatin up himself to near death and then takin senzu's to recover. After one malfunction of the spaceshift's gravity chamber, he was almost killed, he evenutally reached 100g gravity. The rest of the gang had been training with Kaio-sama. Kaio-sama had informed Goku about Frieza and asked him not to face him. Goku couldn't wait for the chalenge. Krillin tried to destroy the Dragonball, so that it wouldn't fall to Frieza's hands, but that doesn't work, Gurudo who can control time got it first. Ginew decides to take the balls to Frieza and the other 4 warriors play paper-scissors-rock to decide who is going to fight first. Gurufdo begins, he is not very strong but he has special abilities that make him win. Gohan and Krillin fight him but he manages to overpower them using telepathic and psychic powers. As he as about to kill Krillin with a tree trunk, Vegeta cuts his head of and saves Krillin's life. While they were fighting, Goku was only 20 minutes away from the planet and had warn new clothes. Now it is Recoome's time, he must face Vegeta, Vegeta begins fantasticly and gives all that he has got, he blows Recoome with the Final flash but he looks in perfect shape and only his clothes got ripped. They continue fighting and Recoome is very happy that he can play a bit with him. Gohan and Krillin plan to help too. Inside goku's spaceship it is announced that the landing procedure has initiated. Recoome is about to kill Vegeta with the eraser gun but Krillin hits him on the head and Recoome loses lots of teeth (the attack was from the mouth). The guys are not much for Recoome and are hit hard. Meanwhile Frieza tries to wish for immortality but he curses when he seees that nothing happens. He remebers that an elder told him that he cannot use the balls, so he heads towards Guru. Ginew stays near the spacceship to guard the balls and think of new fighting poses. Recoome is about to kill Gohan when suddently all look towards the strange large object that has landed. Goku is here and rushes to heal his friends that are almost dead. He gives the 3 last senzu's to Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta, they all recover quickly. Recoome doesn't like it that someone interfeared with his game. Goku before begining to fight asks them to surrender, they laugh; Recoome attacks but he is knocked out with one blow. The others are begining to feel fear. Jeice and Burter attack together but Goku knocks Burter out with one attack. Jeice is petrified and runs away to call Ginew. Vegeta is realising that Goku is a Super-Saiyan and finishes off the other 2 even though they were helpless. The guys are surprised when Vegeta said that in order to defeat Frieza, Goku must become a cruel perfect Super-Saiyan. The 2 guys run away to take the dragon radar from Bulma and Goku and Vegeta stay to fight.. Jeice calls for Ginew's help and they both travel towards Goku's direction after they burried the Dragonballs. They arrive on the scene of the battle, Goku asks Vegeta to fight Jeice but he runs away to search for the Dragonballs. Ginew and Goku begin to fight and they are evenly matched. Ginew manages to grab Goku from the back with the help of Jeice but Ginew wants to fight a bit and so he lets Goku go. Ginew wants to see some real power. Goku powers up and his power becomes 180,000 (while Ginew's is 120,000). Ginew can't stand it that he is facing the Super-Saiyan, the one Frieza is afraid of. Goku tells him to leave the planet if he doesn't want to die, Ginew is very happy because the real Super-Saiyan is not supposed to show mercy to anyone, so he decides to use his special skill. Menawhile, Frieza reached Guru's house as Dende was leaving to help the Earthlings. Frieza talked with Guru and he understands that he must not die. Guru with sadness sends Nail to face Frieza, he knows that he is sacrificing a Namek but is the only way to win time for the earthlings. They find a solitary place and begin to fight. Frieza fights with one hand and even though Nail is producing his best, Frieza doesn't feel a thing. Ginew says he likes Goku's body and wants it. He first damages his body and then uses the body change tecnique to take Goku's body. Ginew returns to the spaceship and meets Vegeta and the 2 earthlings that had found the Dragonballs. Ginew's force is not that great beacause he is not used to using this body. Ginyu is getting trashed, and ridiculed, by Gohan and Krillin. He just can't understand why he can't use this body's full power. Meanwhile, Jeice is trying to figure out how Vegeta can fight without a scouter. They battle a bit, then the Saiyan suggests a quick check of his power level. It's so far out of line that Jeice thinks his scouter is malfunctioning. Vegeta claims to be very close to becoming a Super Saiyan. Then he kills Jeice, which bothers Goku. But, this is just the Saiyan way, and Vejita now turns his attention to Ginyuu.(He's been waiting a LONG time to do this to Goku's body.) Goku yells out that enough's enough, but Vegeta is going to wrap things up just as Ginyu shouts out "Change!!!!!" Goku sees this as his one chance, and he intercepts the blast.Ginyu is very pissed, the hero is happier to have his body back, while Ginyu and Goku both know that Goku can't interfere anymore. So, the team leader tries to take over Vegeta's body yet again. However, a Namekian frog (this used to be a place with some lakes,) chooses that moment to hop by. Goku takes the frog and throws it in front of the beam it and exchanges body with Ginew. Vegeta takes Goku body and puts it inside a healing chamber at the spaceship, he also gives new suits to the guys and decides to fall asleep, he hadn't got much sleep lately. Krillin decides to go to Saichouru and ask why the balls are not working. On his way he meets Dende who explains to him that they must call for the Dragon in Namekian. They return to the ship after a 2 hour journey. They meet Gohan and decide to call Borunga (the dragon) without Vegeta. They go on a small island and call Borunga. The sky turns black and Borunga appears. The guys on Kaio's planet are trying to decide who is going to be wished back to life. Piccolo talks to Gohan via Kaio-sama and asks for them to wish him back to life, if he ressurects so will Kami and he also asks for the second wish to be to teleport him to planet Namek where he will revenge for his race's death, he tells them to do whatever they want with the last wish. The wishes are granted and Piccolo is brought to Namek. While the guys were trying to think of a third wish, Vegeta arrived and threatened to kil them if they didn't wish for him to become immortal , as Dende was about to wish for Vegeta's immortality , Guru died and Borunga died too, so they never managed to complete the phrase and things got even worse because at that moment Frieza arrived. Vegeta and Frieza start fighting and it looks like it would be a bloody battle.