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Saiyan Saga

Goku-died in the fight with Radditz.Killed by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.
Radditz-Died in the fight with Goku and Piccolo.Killed by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon also.
Yamcha-Died in the fight with the saiba-men.Killed by a saiba-man's Kamikaze attack.
Chaou-Tzu-Died in the fight against Nappa.Killed in a suicide attempt to kill Nappa.
Tien-Died in the fight with Nappa.Gave his last bit of energy in another attempt to take Nappa out.
Piccolo-Died in the fight against Nappa also.Killed by a blast from Nappa to save Gohan.
Kame-Died cause Piccolo died.Linked to Piccolo's life.
Nappa-Killed by Vegeta for failing to destroy Goku.

Frieza Saga

Guldo-Killed in the fight with Gohan,Krillin,and Vegeta.Vegeta sliced off his head.
Burter-Killed in the fight against Goku on planet namek.Vegeta smashed his head in after Goku defeated him.
Recoome-Killed in the fight against Goku on planet namek also.Vegeta killed him with his Big Bang attack after Goku had defeated him.
Jeice-Killed by Vegeta after Captain Ginyu stole Goku's body.
*Guru-Died from heart break when all his children died.
*Dende-Killed by Frieza to prevent him from healing everyone in battle.
*Vegeta-Killed in the fight against Frieza.Frieza brutally beat him then shot a beam through his chest after Goku arrived.
Krillin-Killed by Frieza after Goku hit Frieza with the genki dama.
*=got wished back in the wish on earth to bring back everyone that Frieza had destroyed.